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   Chapter 1726 The Truth About Elder Sharp's Power

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By this time, Austin's demonic avatar was emitting a violent and powerful aura. Though it looked faint from a distance, its presence was daunting.

Austin was certain that the demonic avatar was gradually growing stronger since it integrated the Diabolic Killing Needle in itself.

Like a sponge, the Diabolic Killing Needle had the power to absorb all evil energy from its surroundings.

With such power, his demonic avatar could do the same.

The demonic avatar could be said to be another body of Austin.

The stronger it was, the stronger Austin was.

He could feel the strength coming to his demonic avatar, and that made him feel elated.

Two hours later, everyone returned to the eighth floor, just in time to meet Elder Sharp. He had just finished his meditation.

"I'm good. We can leave now,"

Elder Sharp declared.

Upon hearing Elder Sharp's announcement, Austin activated his mind power and transported everyone out of the Slave Tower. It only took a couple of seconds for them to appear right at the tower's gate.

Much to their horror, however, top martial artists were outside as well, keeping a close watch on the tower and waiting for them to get out.

"They're coming out!" A screaming voice echoed in the area.

It came from the holy lord of Rudimentary Holy Land.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Six figures with extremely strong auras appeared before the Slave Tower, surrounding Austin and the rest of his companions all at once.

Aside from the holy lord of Rudimentary Holy Land, reclusive elders from Arcane Holy Land, Vasteras Holy Land, Shen Clan and Ji Clan, and the leader of Kirin Sect also showed up.

They were none other than East Mainland's top-notch martial artists.

"Oh! You are really getting yourself mixed up with all these people of Flame Holy Land, Earth Hermit!

You asked for this. I'll exterminate you all!"

the holy lord of Rudimentary Holy Land yelled.

"Are you kidding me?

Who gave you the right to judge who I should rub elbows with?

You don't get to tell me what to do.

Who are you to think that you can call the shots in the East Mainland?

And what if I want to associate myself with the people of Flame Holy Land? What would you do to me, huh?"

Earth Hermit replied, chuckling. There seemed to be no ounce of fear in his bone–only confidence and sheer power.

"Humph! You'll stop laughing soon.

Guys, let's finish this now!"

the holy lord of Rudimentary Holy Land ordered, his tone cold but determined.

"They can't escape this time!"

There was nothing but wrath and murder written all o

nceal his true feelings.

"Yes, you're right," Elder Sharp replied.

His calmness was too perfect that he seemed too detached. Perhaps, having been sealed for so many years warranted him this kind of composure. Nothing could shake or bother him.

"Gosh! How could this be? A reclusive elder of Flame Holy Land from hundreds of thousands of years ago?!"

Goosebumps went up the spines of the six top-level cultivators.

They could no longer deny that Elder Sharp was definitely much older yet stronger than them.

"Fear not, guys. We can win against him!

Don't let him escape, or there will trouble–lots of it!"

the reclusive elder of the Vasteras Holy Land directed.

"Yes! Let's kill him together!" the holy lord of Rudimentary Holy Land agreed at the top of his voice.

"Or he will come after us!"

"Kill him!"

The six supreme masters of East Mainland screamed at the top of their lungs and marched together, determined to finish Elder Sharp off.

"What are we waiting for? Let's help Elder Sharp now!"

Elder Brendan pointed his right hand forward in a bid to command their allies to come to Elder Sharp's aid, but the latter stopped him.

"Just stay there and watch. Don't worry much,"

Elder Sharp assured Elder Brendan.

Though his tone was gentle, the weight of his voice carried a disarming power.

"Man, the power of the Flame Holy Land's ancestor is beyond our imagination. He can absolutely defeat the six top masters all by himself.

We can just sit back and watch,"

Earth Hermit said to Austin through his Soul Sea.

Would it have been easy to just sit and watch, though? Elder Sharp's combat power could make anyone's flesh creep.

And Earth Hermit could see and feel that.

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