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   Chapter 1725 Elder Sharp

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"So you are an elder," said the middle-aged man with a nod.

He looked at the elder and continued, "Then tell me something about the current situation of the Flame Holy Land."

After all, he used to be a member of the Flame Holy Land.

It was just normal that he would care for it.

"Sir, the Flame Holy Land is currently in a bad situation," answered Elder Brendan.

"It was almost destroyed more than a thousand years ago and it is now in the middle of rebuilding itself and rising again."

Elder Brendan's eyes turned red as he was giving an account of the dilemma of the Flame Holy Land. His voice sounded really sad. "Really? The Flame Holy Land was almost destroyed? How did it happen? Tell me in details."

The middle-aged man's face darkened upon hearing Elder Brendan's words.

He had the urge to know the whole story behind it.

Elder Brendan told him everything in details. He mentioned all the changes that had happened to the Flame Holy Land over the past thousand years and the current situation of the sect.

"I never expected such dramatic changes happened to the Flame Holy Land. Its members must really have suffered a lot."

The middle-aged man was utterly astonished.

"The Flame Holy Land is a great sect. It is renowned in the East Mainland. It's unimaginable that it was just destroyed like that. I can't believe it ended up this way."

Then the middle-aged man fell into silence. He contemplated on what Elder Brendan had told him. It was so difficult to believe that the Flame Holy Land had been suffering for the past one thousand years.

After a while, he eventually let out a melancholic sigh.

Then he continued, "The three of you have done a good job. If you hadn't worked hard for so many years, the Flame Holy Land might already have vanished from the world and no one would be able to remember its name. You've made a great contribution to the Flame Holy Land. You're our heroes."

The middle-aged man gave the three elders an encouraging look.

The three elders suddenly felt a lump in their throats. They almost burst into tears.

What the middle-aged man said was true. The three elders had indeed been trying their best to rebuild the Flame Holy Land during all these years. They had protected the sect with all their might and avoided it from collapsing.

Now, the three elders' meritorious deeds were appreciated and acknowledged by the middle-aged man.

Actually, this man was a senior elder of the Flame Holy Land hundreds of thousands of years ago. So, the three elders couldn't help but feel relieved in their hearts after hearing his encouraging words.

"By the way, sir, this is Austin. He is now the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land. It was him who held the biggest role in your resurrection."

Elder Brendan pointed at Austin as he introduced him to the middle-aged man.

Then Elder Brendan narrated what happened in the Northern Mine District during this period of time. He told everything in details.

He also told the middle-aged man why they were hiding in the Slave Tower, how they were besieged by the top warriors of various sects, and how dangerous the situation they were facing right now was.

"That's interesting. It was you who saved me. So I owe my life to you."

The middle-aged man loo

Scarlet Tower after he spoke.

It was a sign for the rest to start moving and preparing for their next journey.

Afterwards, Elder Sharp sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes to take a rest.

No one dared to disturb him.

"Hey, you three old men. How about showing you around the Spiritual Tower?" suggested Earth Hermit.

He wanted the three elders to see the surroundings of the tower with him.

He had observed and studied the Spiritual Tower from top to bottom in the past two days, so he was already very familiar with it.

"That's a good suggestion," agreed the three elders.

They showed great interest in familiarizing the Spiritual Tower.

Earth Hermit and the three elders left straight away.

Brady vanished directly. Since he was the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower, which meant that the tower was a part of his body, he could hide and disappear in any parts of the tower immediately.

On the other hand, Austin transferred himself to the ninth floor of the tower.

His demonic avatar was practicing its skills there.

His demonic avatar was now cultivating the second stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

That was the reason why a thick evil aura filled every corner of the secret room.

"It looks like it's going to be successful."

Austin observed the cultivation of the demonic avatar for a while, and was overjoyed of his discovery.

Various kinds of ancient symbols flew around the demonic avatar. They unceasingly flashed evil glints and emitted tremendous aura of evil energy.

Apparently, the demonic avatar had reached a very crucial point of the second stage of the cultivation.

The situation lasted for about an hour.

Then all of a sudden, all the evil symbols floating in the space slightly trembled simultaneously and rushed into the demonic avatar like floodwater. They poured inside the demonic avatar nonstop.

After a short while, the secret room regained its quietness. It was so serene as if nothing had happened. The room became bright with lights again.

Austin was ecstatic that the demonic avatar had finally succeeded in the cultivation of the second stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

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