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   Chapter 1723 An Ancient Man Comes Back To Life

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10504

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"Damn! That flying demonic monkey!

I swear I will kill the evil being!"

The senior reclusive elder of the Ji Clan was so furious that his voice sounded like thunder and echoed around in the area.


"Did the flying demonic monkey appear again? Where did it appear?" "Really? Is it really true?"

the other top masters in the Slave Tower asked in surprise.

"Yes, it is true. The flying demonic monkey has appeared and is causing a bloodbath in the mining area of the Ji Clan.

As long as the flying demonic monkey is alive, the Northern Mine District can never live in peace. And all the mining areas of every sect will be in danger.

I advise that we unite against it. All of us shall send our top masters to hunt down and kill the flying demonic monkey!"

the senior reclusive elder of the Ji Clan said with clenched teeth.

"You're right. We have to unite now.

So, let us set off and slay that foul beast without any delay!"

All the top masters of the other sects agreed readily. They knew what kind of a terrible situation they were in now.

In an instant, one or two top masters from each sect shot towards the mining area of the Ji Clan. They knew that the task ahead needed to be dealt with quickly.

The masters, who took up the mission, were either holy lords or reclusive elders.

As the flying demonic monkey was far too dangerous, it would be futile to send ordinary people to hunt it down. It was tantamount to suicide.

Only the top masters had the strength and the talent to be able to stand a chance against it.

With so many of them leaving, there were only three masters left to monitor the situation around the Slave Tower.

Those who left were adamant to hunt down and kill the flying demonic monkey.

Inside the City model, things seemed quite strangely peaceful, but not for long.

The spiritual tree was floating above a pile of spiritual crystals and absorbing the energy from them continuously.

Suddenly, Austin received a message from Brady in his Soul Sea.

"Master, I have been able to resurrect one of the ancient men but he looks frail and seems to be out of his mind."

Brady's voice was a mixture of happiness and worry.

"That's great!"

Overjoyed on hearing it, Austin transported himself in a flash to the eighth floor of the Slave Tower.

On reaching the eighth floor, he was astonished.

Brady stood there baffled. Beside him, sitting on the ground of the battle ring there was an old man who looked rather weak.

There was a sparse patch of hair scattered on his head. His face was full of wrinkles, just like the bark of an old tree.

His body was too thin, as if there was nothing but skin and bones. It seemed like there was no blood or any form of liquid in his body. He sat there, stooping like an Egyptian mummy.

The only thing which showed he was still alive was his dull eyes.

When Austin saw him, the old man was looking ahead in the space with empty eyes.

It was as if he was staring at something far from where he was sitting.

His attention was not at his current location or the people on the eighth floor.

He did no

had to come here. How dare you seize the Holy Heritor of our Flame Holy Land? You deserve to die as a punishment for your crimes!"

Elder Brendan exclaimed angrily.


An indescribably strong and terrible red pressure oozed out of the red pagoda. It was directed towards the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land. Suddenly it looked like the whole world around was turned into a sea of blood.


Seeing the red hue spread around, the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land snorted coldly and held out his right hand. A white jade bracelet appeared on his palm.


He released an extremely horrible power, which moved like a raging tsunami.


The space all around began to shake violently. It was as if the world was coming to an end.

In the void, countless large space cracks started to appear one after the other.

The space cracks, which looked like big mouths of monsters, stood across the sky. Deep in the cracks, the chaotic void was clearly visible.

Apparently, the battle between the two ultimate magical treasures was neck and neck. It was not going to be easy for any one side to win.

Luckily, the three elders of the Flame Holy Land were able to seize the opportunity to rush towards the gate of the Slave Tower.

Although there were many no flying restriction arrays around the Slave Tower, none of them could stop Elder Brendan, as he wielded the ultimate magical treasure of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin, who was in the Slave Tower, was able to assess and know the developments of the situation.

Thus, he quickly began to use the transporting power of the Slave Tower.

Immediately, the transporting power spread out of the Slave Tower. It covered the three elders who were at the gate of the Slave Tower.

As soon as they felt that power, the three elders knew that it was Austin transferring them into the Slave Tower. They made no effort to resist.

Within a few seconds, the three elders disappeared.

They disappeared from the front door of the Slave Tower and reappeared on the eighth floor of the Slave Tower.

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