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   Chapter 1722 Being Trapped

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In the Northern Mine District.

The land was vast, and the massive explosion caused it to be dreary. As far as the eye could see were countless huge gullies spanning a width of a thousand meters.

In the middle, there was a huge crater that was several thousand meters wide.

A nine-story purple golden pagoda was floating right above the center of the crater.

It was the Slave Tower.

The tower was sealed off by dozens of space restriction arrays that surrounded it.

These space restriction arrays were extremely powerful. They were set by the powerful cultivators, such as the holy lords, the reclusive elders, and other cultivators of the same level.

Aside from that, some powerful warriors were hidden in the sky around the tower.

They were sent by each sect to watch the Slave Tower round the clock.

These powerful warriors from all clans and sects were closely guarding the tower because they didn't want the Earth Hermit and Austin to escape.

Two days passed by very quickly.

Inside the Slave Tower.

"Old man, we have been here for quite some time. What should we do now?

There are people outside that have been watching the Slave Tower. Is there any way for us to escape?"

Austin asked the Earth Hermit.

"I don't know! Those people guarding the tower are very powerful warriors,"

the old man replied without hesitation.

"It will be a futile effort. Do you think you can easily defeat the holy lords and the reclusive elders?

In case you might have forgotten, they have the ultimate magical treasure in their hands. Any strength is useless in front of it.

If you didn't have the Slave Tower, we would have already been captured by them.

I don't think they will let us go easily. It seems that they are determined to watch your Slave Tower until they capture us.

In a situation like this, the only thing that we can do is to wait. After quite some time, like ten years, maybe we have a chance to escape,"

the old man said.

Austin felt miserable by the old man's words. He couldn't imagine himself being stuck at the Slave Tower for ten long years.

Their situation was quite bad.

He had already thought of countless ways to escape and even asked Brady if he could think of a way for him to get out of the Northern Mine District.

But his answer was the same as the old man's.

"If we don't have any other option, then let's just wait,"

Austin said helplessly.

With so much idle time in their hands, the old man started running up and down the Slave Tower and studied it carefully.

With nothing much to do, Austin released his spiritual sense and searched f

and stewards were killed and swallowed by the flying demonic monkey.

Everyone was appalled when they realized that the flying demonic monkey became stronger after every attack.

The reclusive elder of the Vasteras Holy Land was injured when the flying demonic monkey attacked their area.

In such a short time, the strength of the flying demonic monkey had grown so fast that it was almost as powerful as the holy lords and reclusive elders.

Its power seemed to be continuously growing.

A few days later.

Outside the Slave Tower.

The area was still secretly guarded by several powerful cultivators.

After the catastrophic event, the powerful cultivators from different sects decided to watch the Slave Tower in turn.

Each day only a few holy lords or other powerful cultivators such as reclusive elders would stay around and watched the Slave Tower.

And that day, it happened to be a senior reclusive elder of the Ji Clan.

The senior reclusive elder's expression changed slightly all of a sudden. He turned up his hand and a Contact Jade Slip appeared on his palm.

He checked it through his spiritual sense.

Suddenly his whole body trembled, and his expression changed dramatically.

The message that he received in the Contact Jade Slip was very alarming.

"Bad news!

The flying demonic monkey came back, and it is now attacking the mining area of our clan.

It is now killing everyone here.

Many people from our clan have been killed. Please come back and save us!"

It was a message of the plea from one of the people of the Ji Clan.

The senior reclusive elder was respected by the young generation of the Ji Clan. Now, they were all counting on him to save them from the ferocious flying demonic monkey.

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