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   Chapter 1721 Two Semi-omnipotent Herbs

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The old man grew curious about why such a powerful cultivator would call Austin as master. The confused look on his face showed his dilemma.

'Well, to tell you the truth, Brady is the guardian spirit of this Slave Tower."

Seeing the baffled expression on the old man's face, Austin tried to explain in the simplest of words.

"The guardian spirit!

Am I hearing properly? Your tower should possess the guardian spirit?"

The old man nearly shouted out, unable to contain his excitement.

''That's true! Don't you believe it?

Now, don't you start making a fuss about it. I'm sure it's no big deal, right?"

Austin said.

''Ha ha! I'll tell you what—only few magic treasures in the world possess guardian spirits.

In that case, your Slave Tower is undoubtedly an inestimable and invaluable weapon. It is beyond a common man's imagination.

No wonder it can easily defend the attacks of the ultimate magical treasure,"

the old man explained. He was still in a state of astonishment.

"I see."

Austin pretended as if he was unaware of it. He was very satisfied and happy to see the old man's jealous expression. He now had a measure of the power and importance of the Slave Tower.

"Brady, someone seems to be attacking the Slave Tower with an ultimate magical treasure. I'm a bit worried about this."

Austin turned to Brady and expressed his concern.

He could perceive anything that was happening to the Slave Tower because he had already owned it.

"Rest assured, master. The ultimate magical treasures cannot cause even the least damage to the Slave Tower,"

Brady answered, his voice filled with pride and confidence.


Austin was quite relieved after he heard Brady's assertive words.

Outside the Slave Tower, two holy lords of both the Rudimentary Holy Land and the Arcane Holy Land were attacking it ferociously with their ultimate magical treasure.

However, the people inside the Slave Tower were not affected by their attacks at all. The whole space seemed to be safe and peaceful.

"The warriors sealed in these ruling crystals are our ancient predecessors. I have a plan to place them in the Slave Tower for the time being."

With the wave of his hands, Austin made twenty or more ruling crystals suddenly appear. After another wave all the crystal landed in the battle ring.

Brady was surprised by the scene before his eyes. It was totally unexpected. Then he began to carefully observe the ancient predecessors sealed in the ruling crystals.

''They have been sealed in there for tens of thousands of years.

After such a long time, majority of their life sources have been consumed. It will not be long before they truly pass away."

After observing it all for a short while, Brady spoke up.

Upon hearing that, Austin admired Brady even more. His speculation and analysis of the man was completely right.

"Brady, do you know how we can save them?"

Austin asked.

Brady was also one of the powerful ancestors who had lived for tens of thousands of years. His power was beyond any specula

e to cast a special magic array in the Slave Tower.

After doing that, the guardian spirit will be allowed to temporarily leave the magic treasure and show up in the outside world,"

the old man elaborated on the topic.

"Can you be more specific?

Like how powerful my spiritual sense force should be when I can do this?"

Austin asked as his curiosity rose to new levels.

"Well, at least the Major-perfection Realm!"

the Earth Hermit replied.

"The Major-perfection Realm?"

Austin was thrilled to know.

At present, his spiritual sense force was already beyond the Minor-perfection Realm.

And he was hopeful that it would not take him too long to reach the Major-perfection Realm.

"By the way, even if your spiritual sense reaches the Major-perfection Realm, it is still not enough.

From what I know, the only applicable method is to take advantage of the magic array. However, it has been lost long time ago,"

the Earth Hermit continued, pointing out on the area of concern, as if he had read Austin's thoughts.

"What? It has been lost?"

Upon hearing that, bitter disappointment filled Austin. Yet, he remained silent.

Several days passed by.

The news about the incident at the Northern Mine District spread everywhere.

Almost everyone got to know that the Earth Hermit and Austin were trapped by formidable opponents and they were hiding in the Spiritual Tower.

The news soon reached the Flame Holy Land too.

"Our Holy Heritor is in danger! We have to set out to the Northern Mine District immediately to rescue him!"

There was an angry and worried look on the face of Elder Brendan of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin was declared as the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land. He would later become the holy lord. His safety meant a lot for all the members of the Flame Holy Land.

Therefore, the three elders of the Flame Holy Land hurried to leave for the Northern Mine District. In order to prepare themselves for what lay ahead, they also took their ultimate magical treasure with them.

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