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   Chapter 1720 Hiding In The Slave Tower

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The jade bracelet in the hand of holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land released such overwhelming power that made the Earth Hermit feel desperate and helpless.

The bracelet was an ultimate magical treasure, which meant it was one of the most powerful magic treasures in the world. It was impossible for human cultivators to survive one of its attacks.

Fully aware of that, the Earth Hermit was frustrated and lost all hope even though he had inherited the Purple Immortal's most powerful martial skills.

"Earth Hermit, I know you're strong but there is nothing you can do now.

You are nothing compared to our ultimate magical treasure. You are just an independent cultivator. How dare you challenge us?

This will be the last you'll ever see the light of day," the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land declared as he brandished his weapon at Earth Hermit.

He felt the weight of the jade bracelet on his wrists and believed that he could take anyone's life in a snap of his fingers.

Then the bracelet abruptly vibrated.

It flew up from the holy lord's palm and rose into mid-air.

Not long after, it floated to the sky and released an unrivaled amount of power.

Austin realized that he had become the target of the invincible bracelet.

"Brat, I'll try to hold off the jade bracelet. I need you to find a way out of here!

If you can get away, don't forget to avenge me.

I will transfer all of Purple Immortal's best martial skills that I've mastered into your Soul Sea. That way, you can inherit these powerful skills," Earth Hermit said to Austin through his spiritual sense.

It was like his last words because he knew that there was no way he could survive that bracelet's attack.

"What are you talking about, old man?

We are not going to die here!

We can hide in the Spiritual Tower, not even the ultimate magical treasure's powers can reach us there," Austin responded.

He was afraid that Earth Hermit would dash towards the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land without hesitation.

"The Spiritual Tower? So, those rumors about you are true.

You did refine the Spiritual Tower,"

gushed Earth Hermit.

"Yeah, I refined the Spiritual Tower. But now's not a good time to discuss this! We're running out of time. We need to get into the Spiritual Tower right now,"

Austin replied.

The crystal jade bracelet levitating in mid-air exuded a terrifying mass of power that coul

imentary Holy Land snorted with a livid expression.

The other people around also looked upset and embarrassed.

They were some of the best cultivators in the East Mainland. Even with two ultimate magical treasures, they failed to catch Austin and Earth Hermit. It was an insult to their reputations.

"Let's set up arrays around the Spiritual Tower to block this space and prevent them from running away.

When they get out of that tower, it's the end of the line for them!"

the reclusive elder of the Vasteras Holy Land proposed.

The rest of the remarkable cultivators agreed. They began making arrays to lock down the area where the Spiritual Tower stood.

Meanwhile, Austin showed Earth Hermit around the Spiritual Tower.

"This is amazing.

I can't believe that there are nine different spaces in this tower,"

Earth Hermit exclaimed after he unleashed his spiritual sense to check the Spiritual Tower.

"Old man, this tower's real name is Slave Tower. You people in the East Mainland made a mistake and called it the Spiritual Tower,"

Austin said.

"What? The real name is Slave Tower?

I'd rather call it Spiritual Tower. It sounds better,"

Earth Hermit retorted.

Austin led him to the desert in the first floor of the tower.

After touring around the former seven floors, they reached the battle ring on the eighth floor.

The second the two of them turned up, Brady made his appearance and stood in front of Austin.

"Master," Brady greeted as he bowed to Austin.

Earth Hermit's eyes widened when he saw Brady.

'This man is strong!'

Earth Hermit exclaimed inside.

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