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   Chapter 1718 He Is Austin

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"Old man, if you don't want me to die, just please help me."

Austin suddenly moved his body as he made up his mind. He showed the movement that he created which made him invisible in space.

Because Austin was among thousands of miners in the Rudimentary Holy Land at this time, no one noticed his sudden invisibility.

Then, Austin exerted the spatial force and directly applied the Space Teleportation skill.

"Austin's talent is really superb and he is so skilled in Space Teleportation now."

Austin didn't go unnoticed however, because the Earth Hermit looked at the space where Austin was before he disappeared, and he couldn't help showing his admiration. His eyes twinkled in awe and adoration.

Moments later, a space suddenly rippled just slightly next to the twenty-odd special ruling crystals, and then a figure appeared, standing beside the crystals.

It was Austin.

Suddenly, everyone's eyes on the field were staring at him. They had their mouth open as they questioned who he was.

'Who was the guy that suddenly appears?' they all thought.

Everyone felt puzzled, wondering about Austin who just appeared into thin air. It was a skill they knew nothing about. After all, Austin invented it on his own.

And of course, the masters of the top sect had discovered that Austin's vital energy strength was only at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm. They had not paid much attention to Austin and only viewed him as someone strange.

A boy in the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm was even weaker than ants in front of them, the topmost masters. So they did not care so much about him. He was basically a nobody.

Therefore, for a while, no one took immediate actions to deal with Austin. Instead, those masters of the major sects looked at Austin with great interest. They weren't bothered, but interested.

"Hum, it's you, Austin!"

All of a sudden, one of the senior reclusive elders of Ji Family said with a snort.

As it turned out, that senior reclusive elder in Ji Family had already seen him once.

In the past, the two great masters, Roc King and Flood Dragon King of beast race and the two senior reclusive elders of Ji Family had a confrontation on the outskirts of Genuine Water City. They tried to protect the Peacock Princess and Austin from the Ji Family. At that time, the senior reclusive elder of Ji Family was one of them.

In order not to be recognized, Austin hid his true face with a mask and disguised as someone else.

However, the real topmost masters could easily discover Austin's true identity. Magic as simple as a disguise wasn't hard for them to discover.

"He is Austin!" shouted one master.

Almost automatically, all the people stared at Austin, narrowing their eyes to help them focus more.

Even the holy lords, the leaders of the aristocratic families, the reclusive elders were a little surprised and looked at Austin.

However, Austin di

ssed him, as his body was once again restrained.


Austin's demonic avatar suddenly attacked the towering palm.

"Hmmm! You have grossly overrated your abilities!"

The senior reclusive elder of Ji Family sighed coldly. The towering palm flipped over and clapped. Suddenly, the demonic avatar was thrown out to the rear.

"Come over here!"

he said as he shook his head in irritation. The senior reclusive elder of Ji Family wanted to defeat Austin so badly that a huge palm almost filled the whole space attacked towards Austin, until there was no room for him to escape.

"Damn it!"

Austin exclaimed as he was shocked by the unexpected attack.

The energy of the force emanating from the palm was terrible enough that it could imprison everything.

Austin felt that his body could no longer move, and the vital energy flow between the energy meridians in the body was completely frozen.

Under these circumstances, even if he wanted to teleport himself into the City model or the Slave Tower, he could not simply do that and Austin knew that well.

Once the space was so confined, the teleportation power was ineffective. It just would not work. He was out of options and once again, he wished he could do something about it. But wishing was letting destiny do the work. That was not his style.

"Old bastard, as an elderly warrior, don't you feel ashamed bullying your junior? Hmm?"

Just then, an old man appeared next to Austin at an impeccable timing, and said in a mocking tone.


The old man waved with a terrible vital energy force rushing out just like rivers, and instantly repelled the palm that was grasping Austin.

"Old man, you finally came!"

Austin said ecstatically while catching his breath. The taste of freedom was like no other. That confinement was hell!

"It's all your fault. Now think about how we can escape first."

Earth Hermit narrowed his eyes at Austin, giving him an angry look.

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