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   Chapter 1717 You Would Get Yourself Killed

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The sudden turn of events proved that the Earth Hermit was right about his theory.

"The situation is not that good. These elders are on the brink of death. Although they are still alive, they are now weakly clinging on to their dear lives.

Unless we can get some panacea to resurrect them, it will take a miracle for them to be saved,"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land said with a frown.

"Oh, no! The elders are dying,"

the holy lord of the Arcane Holy Land exclaimed in panic as he stared at the almost lifeless ancient people.

"Look! sir, the elders are starting to melt slowly,"

an elder from the Ji Clan hurriedly said to the chief.

They realized that all those ancient people that came out of the ruling crystals started to melt and turned into a pool of blood.

"I think we are the ones to blame for the death of these elders.

If they had stayed in the special ruling crystals, they wouldn't have died.

Their exposure to the air accelerated the process of their death,"

a reclusive elder of the Vasteras Holy Land shouted.

These core members of the top sects were very powerful and had seen much of the world. They were in utter disbelief when they realized that they were the cause of the sudden meltdown of these ancient people.

The reclusive elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land was very regretful.

He was the one who initiated to get those ancient people out of the special ruling crystals.

The other senior members of the top sects glanced at him angrily, as they couldn't hide their resentment towards him.

'If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have gotten our seniors killed, ' they thought. They couldn't help but put all the blame on the reclusive elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

After a while, all the ancient people that had been freed from the special ruling crystals melted into a pool of blood.

The senior members from those top forces couldn't help but sigh as they looked at the ground drenched in blood. They regretted their thoughtless actions with a heavy heart.

'These elders struggled to live for such a long time. They were living peacefully in their world at the ruling crystals, but we disrupted them. And now they died because of our stupid mistake, ' they thought with gui

n if they resorted to ultimate magical treasures.

This gave Austin the confidence in stealing those crystals.

His proximity from the four special ruling crystals was about three thousand meters.

With the use of his bodily movement skill, he could easily reach the crystals in a flash.

His only problem was how he could get into the Slave Tower once he got the special ruling crystals.

These leaders in attendance were extraordinary cultivators. They could easily block down the space with just a snap of their fingers.

It was impossible to run away through his bodily movement skill or Space Teleportation. He only had the Slave Tower as his means of escape, but he was quite worried because these top cultivators could easily prevent him from transporting himself into the tower.

"Old man, I know I'm putting you on the spot, but can you do me a favor? I need you to distract them,"

Austin said to Earth Hermit through his spiritual sense.

"What? Are you crazy? Are you sure you are going to do that, brat? You would get yourself killed.

These are not ordinary cultivators. The ones that gathered here are the holy lords and the chiefs of the prominent clans.

Even if you succeed in getting those special ruling crystals, do you think you can easily get away from them?" Earth Hermit couldn't help but frown as he warned Austin about his ridiculous idea.

He wanted Austin to reconsider, as he didn't want him to risk his life for those ancient people from the Flame Holy Land.

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