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   Chapter 1716 Freeing Ancient People From Ruling Crystals

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The reclusive elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land ordered them to tell him what exactly they had seen in that mine.

Hearing the elder's order, the top cultivators from other sects swarmed towards them. They were curious to know what the workers witnessed inside.

As they listened to the stories of the miners, the people from top sects fell in deep shock. Some of them had their mouths agape as they froze stunned from what they heard.

'There are many creatures sealed in the special ruling crystals, ' they exclaimed inwardly.

They had already witnessed one of the ancient creatures came back to life. The flying demonic monkey had long been sealed in a special ruling crystal. The resurrection of the demonic monkey had terrified most of the people.

The terrors brought by that monkey had been devastating. Now that they found out that there were a lot more creatures in that mine, they could not help but think of the worst. Each of them felt a chill of fear deep within their bones.

Since they were too scared, the mine workers hurried out of the mine without seeing what was in the special ruling crystals in the hall a few moments ago. They did not have a clear idea of what those crystals contained.

Only Austin and Earth Hermit knew what was inside the crystals. They both saw that the special ruling crystals contained what looked like ancient people who lived in the East Mainland.

Even the leaders and other senior members of the holy lands, prominent clans, and first-class sects had bothered themselves to travel towards the Northern Mine District. They wanted to figure out what truly was going on with those perilous mines.

The leaders knew that the creatures from the mines might be too dangerous. However, they could not waste the opportunity to study and find out more about the creatures. They wanted to discover what they were.

"Back off. I will get those things out myself,"

the reclusive elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land said loudly as he took a step forward.

The stern expression on his face made the rest of the people floating mid-air step back.

In just a stretch of the elder's hand, a tremendous amount of vital energy formed into a gigantic palm. As the palm materialized in the air, the intense force coming from it rolled off in waves. The people near the area felt how strong it was. The elder made a move and aimed the palm to the ground.

The palm hit the ground fiercely, creating a thunderous noise as it smashed.

The powerful hit released an overwhelming vital energy force. Puffs of dust and sand spread into the air like a smoke bomb. Some of the mud and sand were even blown away several kilometers away from where they had once been.

After that powerful hit, the elder continued to smash the ground using the giant palm. Each forceful hit echoed in the area.

After a few more hits, a huge hole finally appeared in the ground. The hole was about

cked up elders a while ago.

With a wave of his hand, he released several streaks of vital energy force.

They came into different directions and shattered five ruling crystals at once.

Five elders sealed inside the crystals got out and appeared on their sights.

The other members of the Arcane Holy Land immediately surrounded the five elders.

The core members of the Vasteras Holy Land, the three prominent clans, and some first-class sects followed suit. They began saving the people of their sects who were also sealed inside the ruling crystals.

More and more ancient people were freed from the ruling crystals. Their skinny figures stayed floating mid-air as the other members of their sects crowded around them.

"What a bunch of idiots. They are getting these elders in our East Mainland killed."

The Earth Hermit's voice was full of regret as it resounded in Austin's Soul Sea.

"What do you mean?" Austin asked with a puzzled look on his face.

He had no idea what Earth Hermit meant by that.

"These ancient people are on the verge of death after being sealed in these ruling crystals for a long time.

They are going to die unless they will get an elixir that could heal anything or a miracle would happen.

If they had not left those ruling crystals, they could have continued to live like a preserved vegetable.

But these fools got them out of the ruling crystals. These ancient people will be dead soon,"

Earth Hermit explained carefully.

"I see," Austin replied with a nod.

Although he did not fully understand what the Earth Hermit was saying, he believed him.

'People call him the Earth Hermit. I bet no one knows more about tombs, adventure, and history in the East Mainland than he does. He must be better at these fields compared to those holy lords and reclusive elders from the holy lands.

So I choose to believe what he said. These people are doing a big mistake, ' Austin mused.

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