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   Chapter 1715 The Sealed Ancient People Of The East Mainland

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"What are you doing here, old man?" Austin asked. He was curious on seeing an old acquaintance after such a long time.

He didn't expect that he'd run into the Earth Hermit in the Northern Mine District. It was like meeting the most unexpected person in the most unexpected place.

"I came to know that something happened in here. And may happen again!

So here I am.

Many things have been buried here for long. I'd like to see what those are," the Earth Hermit replied as he smiled at Austin.

The Earth Hermit had disguised himself as a middle-aged man with tanned skin. The smile on his face was harmless and sincere.

"Why did you infiltrate the miners? You are so powerful. I don't think you need to bother about anything anymore. You can explore this area directly," Austin blurted out.

He had doubts as to why the Earth Hermit was in a disguise.

"The reason is quite simple.

These newly recruited mine workers will be sent to dig in that area where the flying demonic monkey was spotted.

And I believe that as we speak, the elders from the holy lands and prominent clans are investigating that area.

If I break into that place in my true state, I will be spotted by them.

But if I pretend to be a miner, I can get into that area without exposing my identity,"

the Earth Hermit explained it all to Austin.

"I see!" Austin replied with a nod.

The Earth Hermit was right about it.

On the other hand, Elder Jordan from the Rudimentary Holy Land rounded up over seven thousand miners. With a wave of his sleeve, he got them into the warship. The ship flew towards the area where the perilous mines were located.

A few minutes later the warship landed in a desolated area.

Mines could be seen here and there in that area.

The location had become important as the flying demonic monkey had come back to life in this place.

People thronged from various places after hearing about the return of the flying demonic monkey.

Many ships, warships, chariots and monstrous beasts which were used to pull the chariots floated above the mines.

Austin sensed the waves spread in all directions. There was a terrifying amount of vital energy present all around.

It was evident that many strong cultivators had gathered there.

He also spotted lots of mine workers there. Some were going in while others were walking out of those countless mines.

"It looks like apart from the Rudimentary Holy Land, the top forces have also sent their miners to dig here,"

the Earth Hermit said to Austin through his spiritual sense.

Austin nodded agreeing to his statement. 'There are at least tens

there is a golden sun on his sleeve,"

the Earth Hermit said, as he pointed at an elder in another ruling crystal.


Austin screamed in astonishment.

"Yeah. Many top masters from top sects in the ancient period were sealed here.

They are not evil things.

Still, I think we should get out of here.

The powerful cultivators from the top sects will be here in a second," the Earth Hermit said.

He turned around in a bid to leave the hall.

"Wait! There are so many special ruling crystals here. We can't leave from here empty handed,"

Austin said as his eyes were fixed on those ruling crystals.

"I didn't know that you are such a greedy brat. You're just like me when I was your age," Earth Hermit responded with a grin.

He waved his hand, and all the special ruling crystals without human cultivators in them got sucked into his sleeve.

"Let's go! I will give half of these crystals to you, brat," he added.

The next second, he was nowhere to be seen in the hall.

Austin dashed towards the entrance of the mine by using his bodily movement skill.

After some time, he caught up with those miners who had run away from the hall.

Frightened, all the mine workers cried like a baby, out of fear. They quickly got out of the mine.

The chaos created by their running and shouting around the mine caught the attention from all the people nearby.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several figures showed up above the mine. They released enormous vital energy.

Floating mid-air, a reclusive elder from the Rudimentary Holy Land formed a palm with his vital energy. He directed it at the dozen miners who had escaped out of that mine.

The vital energy palm made the mine workers rush up to him in a flash.

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