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   Chapter 1714 Meeting The Old Man Again

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Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

A few hundred figures could be seen flying in the sky coming from a far distance.

A buzzing sound was heard and it turned louder as they got closer.

A bright beam of light appeared in the air and shot in the direction of the flying demonic monkey from afar.

The flying demonic monkey seemed to be frightened.

It didn't dare to take up the challenge at all. The pair of black wings at its back fluttered violently. It changed into a gust of black wind and darted in the opposite direction. The next moment, its body disappeared.

It was a weird thing to see.

There were five or six hundred figures that appeared in the sky above the mining area of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

At the center of them was a figure radiating with a bright and powerful shining light. It was all over his body including his face. Thus, his real face could not be seen at all.

He was none other than the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land!

On seeing the group of cultivators, the principal disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land rushed over and told the holy lord what had happened a moment ago. They were really frightened after they had survived the incident.

"So it looks like we have to kill this evil creature. Otherwise, the mine of our Rudimentary Holy Land will never be at peace,"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land said slowly to his men.

"Now, let's go and see the area where the flying demonic monkey appeared. Maybe we can find some clues about it.

Across the Northern Mine District, that area is well-known for the perilous mine, as these kinds of weird events always happened here.

This time, we may crack the secret of these perilous mines in the Northern Mine District completely,"

another voice echoed. The speaker was an aged man. He looked as if he had lived a really long time and his skin was as old as the old bark.

He was a reclusive elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land, enjoying a position as high as the holy lord.

"You are right. I often come to the Northern Mine District. This time my attempt is to explore it completely, trying to discover the secret here."

The holy lord agreed with the reclusive elder and nodded his head in agreement.

"Well, so I guess only a few of us will be enough to go there. Elder Jordan, please keep guarding this area. You shall be in-charge of the others,"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land announced loudly.

"Yes, sir!"

Elder Jordan was one who had earlier gone to the headquarters from the mine to report what had happened there.

He had been working there and guarding the mine present in that area.

After making those arrangements, the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land and the other elders started to use their bodily movement skills and left from there in a split second. They were flying to the exact location where the flying demonic monkey had been found.

The other cultivators of the Rudimentary Holy Land, which were about five or six hundred, who had just come there, landed on the ground. Under the leadership of Elder Jordan, they started to set the things in the mining area in order.

After th

secret in the Northern Mine District.

As there were so many powerful cultivators in the Northern Mine District, Austin believed that the flying demonic monkey dared not come out.

The flying demonic monkey was very powerful and frightening. It was speculated that it could even kill ordinary elders of the holy lands with ease.

The cultivators who were coming there now were far more powerful. The group included holy lords, leaders of various clans and reclusive elders.

The flying demonic monkey would not dare to challenge so many powerful cultivators. That was a common opinion in the minds of all the people.

Two days had passed now.

Austin saw that Elder Jordan of the Rudimentary Holy Land brought back about six thousand miners. He had recruited them recently.

Among the new miners who joined the previous group of miners, there was one miner who stared at Austin for a long time. Moments later, he gave Austin a meaningful smile.

'Why did that guy stare at me? What is going on?'

Austin wondered.

This man looked dark and was probably in his forties. He had strong limbs. Surprisingly he did not have any vital energy force with him at all. With all of these features, he appeared to be an ordinary man who was used to heavy physical work.

But there was something about him and Austin felt that this man seemed quite familiar. He felt as if he had met that strong, dark man earlier.

So Austin could not stop staring back trying to recognize the man.

"Ha ha! Boy, I never expected that I'd get to see you here!"

While Austin was wondering who this man was, he suddenly received the spiritual sense message from that man.

"It's you!"

Austin almost jumped in surprise and shock. He stared at that strong and dark man without blinking.

The strong, dark man was really someone he had met earlier. He was the old man he had met before, a well-known warrior in the East Mainland, the Earth Hermit.

"Please don't be so loud. Otherwise, I'm afraid our disguises will be exposed soon,"

the man told Austin secretly by using the spiritual sense force.

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