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   Chapter 1713 The Return Of The Flying Demonic Monkey

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After getting back to the tent, Austin immediately used his bodily movement skill. In an instant, he was already outside of the tent.

Austin stayed in the Slave Tower for about three hours. It was already midnight.

He hid in the space and walked quietly in the mining area of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

'I was already targeted by the flying demonic monkey. I should be more careful now, ' thought Austin inwardly.

'I must find Will and kill him immediately so I could leave the Northern Mine District. It will be safer.'

Austin knew that his life would be in much danger if he continued to stay there.

He had been thinking for quite a while now why the flying demonic monkey kept on targeting him.

His guess was that maybe because he had taken the Diabolic Killing Needle away.

The Diabolic Killing Needle is a saint and a symbolic treasure of the abyss demon race in the Evil Abyss World. It was an extraordinary magic treasure. Thus, the flying demonic monkey didn't want to let it go so easily.

After long and careful deliberation, Austin came up with a safer plan: to leave the Northern Mine District.

Since the flying demonic monkey was too powerful, Austin didn't have any plans of fighting with it. He realized that with his current strength and skill, he would only get himself into a big trouble if the flying demonic monkey caught him.

Since he had already made up his mind, Austin moved to a dozen of tents faraway where he could have a bigger space.

He was aware that the dwellers of those tents were the principal disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

But with his current bodily movement skill, somehow he was confident.

He knew that even though those principal disciples were at the Divine Bridge Realm, they would not be able to discern him.

However, before Austin could make another move, something happened.

A fierce atmosphere suddenly covered the sky from a distant horizon.

Then a vague dark figure flickered faraway. It seemed to be approaching Austin's location.

"It's the flying demonic monkey! This is bad," exclaimed Austin.

He suddenly felt scared inside.

The fierce air emanating from the flying demonic monkey was so strong that Austin could still feel it even though it was very far from him.


Then what seemed to be an eerie laughter that could numb anyone's scalp echoed through the whole land. It was like coming from the depths of hell.

"This is bad! The monster has come. Everyone, watch out!" The moment that the laughter of the flying demonic monkey was heard, someone shouted from the other direction. Then two figures hurtled from a distance.

They were the two elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Originally, there were three elders guarding the mining area of the Rudimentary Holy Land. But Elder Jordan had already rushed back to the headquarters so there were only two elders left now.

Suddenly, the entire mining area was filled with hubbub of voices.

The principal disciples also rushed out of their tents. One of them was Will.

"You bastard! Are you already tired of your life?" shouted the two elders.

Then they rushed directly towards the flying demonic monkey.

w focus on the two elders.

The killing intent it released was so intense and extremely scary.

After a few moments of fierce fight, the wings at the back of the flying demonic monkey began to fan frantically. Then numerous dark tornadoes swept through them. The whole world was beaten by raging winds.

The two elders started to get frightened. They lost focus in the fight. They were completely suppressed and beaten by a single monkey.


All of a sudden, the flying demonic monkey's claws protruded and pressed against one of the elder's head. A fierce atmosphere immediately wrapped him.


The elder's head cracked on the spot and blood spurted out. His life ended there.

The flying demonic monkey opened its mouth and sucked all the blood again.

The other elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land was beyond horrified. He flew into the sky straight away. He didn't care about his morale anymore.

Upon noticing that the other elder was about to flee, the flying demonic monkey sneered. Its body flickered and followed the elder closely.

Pretty soon, the elder's life was also about to end.


With just a roar from the flying demonic monkey, the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land who was about to escape was completely scratched by the monkey's claws. Meat pieces and bone scum splattered and blood dripped all over the space.

Once again, the flying demonic monkey sucked the flesh, bones and blood of the remaining elder.

The two elders of a holy land had just lost their lives like this.

This incident would surely alarm the entire East Mainland.

"You, bastard! You must go to hell!"

As soon as the flying demonic monkey killed the second elder, a voice suddenly resounded the whole place.

It was then followed by a roaring sound.

The power of the roar was so strong that the whole world shook violently.

"Holy Lord! Here comes the Holy Lord!" cried the remaining principal disciples upon hearing the voice.

"Our hope has come. Our lives will be saved."

The principal disciples were all in tears. They saw hope from the sudden appearance of the Holy Lord.

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