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   Chapter 1712 Tabooed Magic

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No matter how hard Austin tried, his spiritual sense couldn't extend into the embroidery needle at any cost.

After trying a dozen times, Austin had no other choice but to give up.

Suddenly, Austin felt strange fluctuations inside his body. At the same time an evil aura was emitted, which reacted distantly with that embroidery needle.


Austin couldn't help but feel that this was a very strange activity.

It turned out to be the demonic avatar in his body that was exuding the evil aura.

The demonic avatar belonged to Austin and was controlled by a copy of his spiritual soul, so Austin was quite familiar with its fluctuations.

Right at this moment, Austin suddenly felt that his demonic avatar seemed to have given off a similar aura with the embroidery needle.

'Could it be...'

One thing came to Austin's mind.

Driving his spiritual sense, Austin released the demonic avatar, who made its presence in front of him.

The demonic avatar stretched out its hand, slowly approached the dark embroidery needle suspended in the air, and placed it on the palm of its hand.

Suddenly, Swoosh!

When the demonic avatar held the embroidery needle in the palm of its hand, the needle suddenly penetrated through its palm and disappeared.

As the demonic avatar actually belonged to Austin, Austin could feel everything that happened inside its body.


After the embroidery needle entered the body of demonic avatar, its volume instantly increased by ten times, twenty times, thirty times... and it kept increasing really swiftly

Then, a horrible strange energy all at once erupted from within the embroidery needle like a volcano.

Extremely large amount of devil energy swept out of the embroidery needle like a massive landslide or a gargantuan tsunami. It flowed into the body of the demonic avatar and instantly spread to every corner of its body.

Later, Austin found that his demonic avatar was undergoing transformation. Every part of its body, including the head, limbs, torso, was constantly changing, and its physique became more and more powerful with each passing moment.


Austin could clearly hear the loud noise coming from inside the body of the demonic avatar.

The physique of the demonic avatar body was rapidly improving, gradually reaching an

liant idea.

Weren't there so many trial subjects in this Slave Tower? It could be a good idea to test the tabooed magic on them.

So Austin concentrated all his senses, bringing the demonic avatar to the seventh floor with him.

The trial subjects present in this floor were mainly puppets.

No sooner had Austin and the demonic avatar arrived in the square on the seventh floor than dozens of puppets surrounded the in no time.

Each one had the strength equivalent to a Divine Bridge Realm warrior, from preliminary to premium stage.


Dozens of puppets attacked altogether right at that instant.


Driven by Austin's spiritual sense, the demonic avatar extended its palm forward, and slowly patted the space in front of it.

As if what it were patting on a calm water surface, the entire space was constantly wavy with strange ripples, and a strange sealing power spread afar instantly.

Suddenly, the dozens of puppets completely froze in place, as if they had been always fixed right there in that position. They could not even move a finger.


Austin was astounded.

The demonic avatar must have been so powerful that it could seal dozens of puppets of the Divine Bridge Realm at once.

That was beyond overwhelming.

"Well, it's time to go out now and check what's going on outside."

Austin called the demonic avatar back to his body before stepping out.

Then activating his spiritual sense, he left the Slave Tower and returned to the tent greatly satisfied with the results.

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