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   Chapter 1711 The Inherited Treasure Of The Evil Demon Race

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Suddenly, darkness enveloped the entire barren land as if a storm was coming.

A tiny grain of sand rested in the corner of the tent.

It was Austin's City model.

The tent was filled with mine workers, resting and sleeping to regenerate their energy.

All of them had worked from dusk to dawn, and frankly, a miner's job was not easy, so it was a very rough day for them.

And as they fell in a deep slumber, Austin busied himself inside the Slave Tower.

He was communicating with Violet and the gnome through his spiritual sense.

The two were currently fighting the sand men. Since Brady kept an eye on them, they were safe in the dessert.

After knowing they were doing well, the next thing Austin did was find Caroline's whereabouts and check on her with the aid of his spiritual sense.

He discovered that Caroline was also fighting the sand men in the desert.

She was battling eight sand men that were at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

The intense evil energy released by Caroline grimly enveloped the area within ten miles.

As far as Austin observed, she clearly had the upper hand, subjecting those sand men defenseless against her abilities.

After watching her fighting for a while, he was impressed by her performance.

'The members of the evil shadow race are born to fight. Caroline has just reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm, but she could handle eight sand men––who are at par with her level––together at the same time. And she's skinning them alive!' Austin remarked internally.

He clearly knew that she was gonna win that fight. So, waving his sleeve, he released a vital energy force and directed it to hit the sand men.

In a split second, the eight sand men exploded at the same time.

They turned back to sand before dropping on the ground in mere grains.

Since these sand men were killed in the Slave Tower, they could come back to life anytime soon.

"That's quite impressive! The queen of the evil shadow race can indeed fight!"

Austin commented with a playful smile, pertaining to none other than Caroline.

Upon hearing this, Caroline immediately knew it was Austin who sent those sand men bursting back into grains. She turned around and looked at her visitor. "Who taught you these sweet talks?" she snorted in a slightly displeased tone. Yet, despite that, the bright smile on her face gave her away––obviously she was glad to see him.

Since she was just done fighting her opponents, her chest rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath. Austin couldn't avert his eyes off her full round breasts as they ran up and down.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Hey! Eyes up in here!"

Caroline blurted out as she took note of the lustful look in his e

ure to me,"

he murmured, still staring at the needle.

Though very tiny, he could sense evil energy radiating from it.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense in an attempt to perceive the needle and figure out what it really was and its purpose.

A few moments later, he received a message in his Soul Sea.

It read, "Diabolic Killing Needle, the inherited treasure of the abyss demon race in the Evil Abyss World."

"So this needle is called Diabolic Killing Needle––a treasure of the abyss demon race from the Evil Abyss World,"

Austin uttered in shock.

'But where is Evil Abyss World? What is the abyss demon race? I've never heard about them.'

Several questions coursed through his mind as he pondered deeper on the mysterious Diabolic Killing Needle.

"You grew up in the Divine Continent. Have you ever heard about the abyss demon race from the Evil Abyss World?" Austin asked the Flame Emperor.

It had been a while since the two had conversed.

Since he had gotten a batch of spiritual crystals from Austin, the Flame Emperor had been busy refining them inside the Soul-nourishing Bead.

Yet still, upon hearing Austin's voice, the Flame Emperor immediately shifted his attention to the young man. "The abyss demon race from the Evil Abyss World?

I've never heard about such a place or race. I don't think this race is native from the Divine Continent," he replied after thinking for a while.

'Obviously, he has no idea of it, ' Austin thought, feeling disappointed.

Aware that he couldn't get the answer from the Flame Emperor, he decided to leave the latter alone.

"I really think it's a magic treasure. Can I refine it?"

Austin mumbled as he fixated his eyes on the black needle again.

He then unleashed his spiritual sense and attempted to probe into the inside of the needle.

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