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   Chapter 1710 A Fierce Battle (Part Two)

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Together, they sent out countless streams of violent and turbulent energy. The sight was almost hauntingly beautiful, as it looked like countless rivers were flowing towards the monkey.


The flying demonic monkey howled as an aura of killing surged out from its body with a furious pace.

Instantly, every single steward of the Arcane Holy Land was gone! Their bodies turned into a bloody mist and floated around in the air like a pale winter's crimson fog. The flying demonic monkey then opened its mouth and sucked it all.

Absorbing that much of essence somehow seemed to satisfy it and a ghost of a smile began to show on the corners of its mouth. It sneered.

The laughter was so harsh that it spooked even the birds to the far east, which flew away.

Then, in a single move, it successfully escaped the elders' joint attack. To be honest, even the monkey itself wasn't sure that it could escape the elders' joint attack since it had just come out of the ruling crystal. But the stewards' blood essence helped and it managed to escape.

Spreading out its black wings, it began to fly away at lightning speed.

The elders were so discouraged by now that they didn't even go after it because they could see how fast the monkey was flying. It was not something they could catch up with.

Unless every single reclusive elder from all the holy lands and the holy lords themselves were present, it was going to be impossible to hunt down this flying demonic monkey.

Before the flying demonic monkey left, it unintentionally cast a glance towards Austin. Even that momentary glance was horrible. The moment its eyes fell on him, Austin felt like his whole body was enveloped by a terrible atmosphere.

'Damn it! I just took some spe

ul his essence is to the monkey.

This means only thing, which is extremely worrisome: our elites are in great danger,"

another elder remarked with a sullen face.

In fact, all the elders of the three holy lands were very worried right now.

"That settles it then. This is officially not a trivial matter anymore. It is related to the safety of our holy land.

I have to go back and give the holy lord and the reclusive elders this information in person. We need the big guns on this matter or we are finished,"

Elder Jordan suddenly declared.

"Yes, you are right. I need to go back too. I think every single land and sect will need to work together on this."

The elders of the other two holy lands seconded Elder Jordan's decision.

Gradually, the people began to move away to warn their respective officers.

The miners, including Austin were also brought back to the mining base of the Rudimentary Holy Land by Elder Jordan. It was time to gather in the forces in one place and strengthen up defenses.

After that, Elder Jordan wasted no time in heading for the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy to inform the holy lord of the situation.

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