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   Chapter 1709 A Fierce Battle (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-27 00:42

"How dare you!"

The three elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land weren't used to such insults and exploded into an instant fit of rage when they witnessed their stewards killed by the flying demonic monkey in the mere blink of an eye. The scene was both horrifying and infuriating for them. What added to their rage was their own inability.

The flying demonic monkey was moving so rapidly and in a manner so weird that even guessing its next point was beyond the three elders' imagination. They couldn't catch up to it, let alone stop it somehow.

It meant that even though they wanted to help, it was already too late by the time they knew what had happened. The stewards fell down before the elders could register the monkey's actions.

In any case, they were heavily irritated by the flying demonic monkey, and the three elders decided to teach the monkey a lesson.

Elder Jordan was the first one to attack. His first instinct was to trap and fry the monkey before the latter could make a move. He held out his arm and spread his fingers. The next moment, flashes of lightning emerged from his fingertips and intertwined with each other to form a glowing net, which then flew straight towards the monkey.

But when he saw the net draw near, the flying demonic monkey merely sneered with a mocking look on its face.

Its eyes seemed to be full of blood; dark red in color and full of the lust of murder. The monkey grabbed the net and tore it hard, as if the net wasn't lightning but some common rope. Elder Jordan's attack failed as pathetically as a sword made of paper.

At the same time, another elder also took action. He began to perform a skill while bellowing, "Go to hell!"

He held out his hand a

med in an awestruck tone.

The power of this flying demonic monkey was clearly beyond terrific. It had been trapped in the ruling crystal for thousands and thousands of years and had just come out of it, which meant that it wasn't fully recovered yet. But even so, it was still able to kill the steward as easily as if it was killing an ant. It was brutal and devilish!

"Oh dear God! The monkey wants to restore its power by absorbing the cultivators' fundamental essence. That's why it's eating them.

Everyone! The monkey is still weak right now, but if it absorbs enough essence and regains its former power, there's no power on God's green earth that can stop it! Rally to me! Stop it now!"

Elder Kit of the Arcane Holy Land suddenly roared to everyone who was still alive and kicking. His white hair spoke of his immense knowledge and experience and his word mattered a lot.

Upon hearing the order, every single elder and master of the three holy lands rushed forward and stood in a line.

They had decided to attack the flying demonic monkey simultaneously. Maybe that would somehow weaken it enough for them to finish it off.

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