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   Chapter 1708 Resurrection

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"Let's continue digging up more. We might find a couple of ruling crystals where ancient creatures were restrained. Let's take a look. This might be an opportunity for us," said the white-haired elder.

He was Elder Kit from the Arcane Holy Land.

"Based on my observation, there are a lot of spots here where faint flashes of light are coming through the ground. Apparently, there is a rich deposit of crystals buried underground," said an old man in a white-robe.

He was from the Vasteras Holy Land.

"Since there are confined ancient creatures in this mine, it is very likely that there are also confined ancient creatures in other areas. If we can dig them up and do some research on them, we might be able to solve the mystery. We will be able to find out what exactly it is that has been constantly killing our miners in the Northern Mine District," he added.

This old man was a mine seeker who specialized in locating crystal deposits.

That was why he was confident of his assessment.

"All right. Let's do it. I've been wanting to do this for quite a long time," yelled Elder Jordan.

He was from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

"For those who don't want to die early, you can leave this place as fast as you can now. After all, a collateral damage will be inevitable in this mission."

All disciples from the three holy lands instantly drew back and moved far away from the mine. The miners also started running away frantically.

Since everybody knew that those creatures inside the crystals were ominous, evil and exceptionally uncanny, a lot of horrifying things might happen once they were excavated.

Even the elders and the stewards of the three holy lands were on their guards for possible danger. They were all wearing stern faces.

"Let's do this!" yelled Elder Jordan again.

He then ascended from the ground and stood in midair above the mine. He straightened the forefinger and the middle finger of his right hand into a shape of a sword and slashed the surface below.

A beam of light came out of his fingertips and turned into a giant sword. It swung downwards violently.

With a thunderous bang, a cloud of dust rose up and an eerily pitch-dark fissure appeared on the ground. It looked really spooky.

Elder Jordan continued to wave his fingers and the giant sword of light which was almost a hundred meters in length hit the ground repeatedly. The fissure widened until the bottom of it was revealed.

By flapping his sleeves, Elder Jordan also continuously removed dirt and rocks kilometers away from the fissure.

After a short while, an enormous crater which was several hundred meters deep was created in the location of the mine. The mine was now nowhere in sight.

The bottom of the crater showed the depths of the tunne

hair. It had a protruding mouth, a jutting chin, and sharp frightening fangs. Overall, it looked extremely terrifying.

On its back, a pair of jet-black wings slowly popped out. They were at least one meter long.

The momentum of the beast dwarfed all the mortals and immortals present. As it descended from the sky, they were all transfixed in astonishment.

All their attention was focused on the flying demonic monkey. They were nervously eyeing it as they were still consumed with shock.

Remarkably, a beast that existed in the ancient times with an unmatched fierceness came back to life in this place.

The flying demonic monkey suddenly raised its head and let out an almighty roar.

The sound waves rippled through the whole area like tides. Everyone felt like their bodies and souls were about to be shredded into pieces.


With a quick movement of its body, the flying demonic monkey suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The next instant, it directly appeared behind the seven stewards of the Rudimentary Holy Land. With its wicked-looking claws, it dealt the heads of the seven stewards several blows.

The crowns of the seven stewards were instantly removed and the flying demonic monkey opened its mouth. In a single breath, it sucked the brains of the seven stewards like tofu jelly.

The seven stewards' faces were full of terror. They even tried to flee but unfortunately, they were already immobilized by some kind of weird forces. They couldn't move even an inch.

The cultivation base of these stewards were actually at the Minor-perfection Realm. Some were even at the Major-perfection Realm.

Even so, the seven stewards were killed by the beast in the twinkling of an eye.

Having witnessed what had just happened to the stewards, the rest felt like their hearts were shrouded in the threat of death.

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