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   Chapter 1707 Creatures From Ancient Times (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5800

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Since he was inside the mine too, he had witnessed the sealed creatures firsthand; the body parts of the demonic monkey, for instance.

After giving it careful thought, one of the elders decided what they would do next.

"When the black mist dissipates, let's go inside that mine," an elder proposed.

The two elders agreed to the plan. They all patiently waited for the mist to dissipate. After four hours, the black mist coming from the mine had completely vanished.

The three elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land prepared to go down the mine. When they were about to enter the hole, loud growls echoed in the sky. They halted because of that familiar sound.

Moments later, they spotted a group of beast riders that were headed towards them. The roars of the beast continued to rattle the sky.

Armored soldiers rode the monstrous beasts as they held golden spears in their hands.

"What are the people from the Vasteras Holy Land doing here?" one of the elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land asked with raised eyebrows.

Those people were uninvited, and obviously they were up to no good. Now, they had to deal with these beast riders first. The excitement that was once evident on the elders' faces was immediately replaced with the gloom.

In just a blink, the horde landed in front of them. Two elders wearing golden robes took a few steps forward. As they walked, golden lights glinted from them. They unleashed their spiritual senses to check out each of the mines. After a short while, one of the elders in the golden robe laughed out loud.

"I knew it! Something is definitely going on with this place. Yuri, observe these mines and tell me what's inside them," he ordered to the man wearing a white robe.

the Vasteras Holy Land responded in a stern tone.

He had a grim expression on his face upon seeing more people come and fight for the crystals.

All of a sudden, Elder Jordan from the Rudimentary Holy Land burst into laughter.

"Take your time. Why are you so eager to get this place? Maybe these mines are perilous mines. Who knows?" he chimed in.

"What did you mean by that, Elder Jordan?" Elder Ivan of the Vasteras Holy Land asked with a frown.

Curious to what Jordan had meant, he and Elder Kit from the Arcane Holy Land became alert.

As they spent years after years in the Northern Mine District, they had already become experts about these mines. They knew what these perilous mines could do.

Elder Jordan knew that he could no longer drive these people away from the mines. He was also aware that they could not occupy this area alone.

Elder Jordan had no other choice but to tell them everything that happened in the mine.

"So something horrible is going on in this area. Perhaps these mines are those perilous mines," Elder Kit said as they finished talking.

He and Elder Ivan exchanged looks that glinted with fear.

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