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   Chapter 1706 Creatures From Ancient Times (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5907

Updated: 2019-12-27 00:02

Just as Austin was about to activate his bodily movement skill, the mine began shaking violently.

The mine trembled fiercely as if an earthquake with a strong magnitude struck the place.

Swoosh! An immense aura of danger approached Austin from behind. He felt it surging towards him.

He unleashed his spiritual sense to check what was behind him but found nothing. It frightened him a little bit to realize that spiritual sense did not work in the mines. He had no choice but to look back and check it out himself. As he turned around, he was taken aback by the swirling dense black mist that was approaching him at a terrifyingly fast speed.

"Everybody, run! Quickly! The black mist is coming again!" he shouted at the miners in front of him. They had been stumbling along the mine out of sheer fear.

Austin used his bodily movement skill and reached them in a flash. He used his vital energy force as he secretly gave them a boost. The miners had no chance to escape on their own.

A huge wave of power surged and pushed the miners towards the entrance of the mine. They all felt the propelling force that drove them to get out faster.

In the next second, they found themselves just a few meters away from the entrance of the mine.

Austin did not get them out directly because he did not want the three elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land to get suspicious. After all, he was now pretending to be an ordinary miner who knew nothing about martial art skills just like the miners around him.

"Run! Faster! The black mist is coming again!"

Several hundred miners got out of the mine and ran away from it in pure terror. Everyone was panicking as they rushed to a safer place.

Unfortunately, some of them were not able to get out quickly. Alm

ge to bring these ancient creatures back and dissect them, we might be able to have more discoveries.

Perhaps, we can even get some powerful weapons or magic treasures from them," he said excitedly. He could not hide the thrill he felt as he thought of the discoveries and treasures that they might take advantage of.

"You have a good point.

Maybe this perilous mine is just a challenge for us. Perhaps, it could also be a good thing for us," another elder followed.

The three elders cheered up, as the hope blossomed in their chests. There was a keen look in their eyes as they thought of the great things that they could get from this unfortunate situation.

The elders talked freely without any concern in front of the miners. Since they were just low-born common people who did not learn martial arts skills, the three elders paid no attention to them. They posed no threat to their plans.

What they did not know was that someone among the crowd was listening intently to their conversation. Austin heard them clearly, and what they said thrilled him.

'So those creatures sealed in the crystals lived during the ancient times, ' he thought to himself.

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