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   Chapter 1705 The Flying Demonic Monkey

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All the crystals they saw in that place were actually the ruling crystals.

The biggest one among them was ten meters tall. It was cubic in shape with a black foot embedded it. The foot was almost eight meters long.

The black foot was in the shape of a human being's foot. But it definitely was not human foot as it was too large in size. And it was pure black like carbon.

The large, black foot was covered with dense hair which was as thick and long as an adult's finger. The appearance of that foot terrified people.

The miners stared at the large foot in that ruling crystal. They were stunned and petrified as well. The atmosphere was extremely weird inside the mining well and everyone felt profoundly scared in that eerie place.

"These are all special ruling crystals. I'd say they are special top-grade ruling crystals!

One piece of a special ruling crystal is almost as precious at ten thousand ordinary ruling crystals!

I have been working here in the mine for so many years, but this is the first time I got lucky to see so many ruling crystals at one place!"

A miner sighed as he kept staring at the shining ruling crystals in the mine. Probably he was in his forties.

'Special ruling crystal? That's strange.'

Hearing the miners' discussion, Austin also realized something. He didn't actually think that there was anything such as special ruling crystals that existed. But now he was convinced of their existence.

Compared to Austin, the miners knew more about the ruling crystals. It was obvious as they had been working with those crystals for such a long time.

"Look! There is something in that piece of ruling crystal!"

Another miner who had been walking ahead of all exclaimed suddenly, out of terror.

He was absolutely right. In some of the other ruling crystals, there was something sealed inside. These things were all weird and looked quite terrifying.

One piece of the ruling crystal contained something like a monkey's paw. The difference was that it was quite bigger than an average monkey's paw.

It was like a steel hook, with dense black hair on it. It had black and scary auras radiated from it. Although the paw was sealed inside the ruling crystal, people could still sense the powerful aura clearly.

"There are a monkey's foot, head, body and paws. Oh, gosh! It definitely is one monkey. It looks like its body had been split and sealed in different pieces of ruling crystals!"

A bold miner stepped forward holding the torch in his hand. He moved the torch across so he could see the body parts enclosed in the crystals.

Soon the other people followed the first miner and made the space become bright with their torches. On doing so, they found that there were totally five or six pieces of ruling crystals that had the differe

ners. On the contrary, he stayed in the place and stared at the special ruling crystals.

There were many special ruling crystals in the mine. A few pieces contained the giant foot and about five or six pieces had the flying demonic monkey's body parts sealed in them. The rest of the ruling crystals did not have anything inside. There were at least hundreds of special ruling crystals that were empty.

Having reached the place with such valuable crystals Austin did not want to leave empty-handed. He wanted to take a few special ruling crystals.

So, Austin waved his sleeves and gave off a gentle vital energy force, which flew in the direction of the mine. In a split second, the special ruling crystals that contained nothing had been put into his Space Ring.

All of a sudden, something weird happened.

When Austin was putting those ruling crystals into his Space Ring, the closed eyes on the head of the flying demonic monkey, which was sealed in one of the ruling crystals, opened and stared at Austin.

He glared at Austin as if he knew that the latter had taken some of its precious belongings.

A powerful aura along with terrifying spiritual pressure filled the whole mine. It was so strong that Austin could barely breathe.

It made Austin realize that the head of the monkey was conscious! It was alive!

It gave Austin the creeps to see such a thing happening right in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, it made the courageous and brave Austin fearful. He could feel that he was in great danger.

It also made Austin feel that he was not qualified or strong enough to fight with the monkey.

As those thoughts whirled in his mind, Austin did not want to stay there for even a second. Without any further delay, he started the bodily movement skill he had worked out by himself. He wanted to rush out of the mine as quickly as he could.

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