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   Chapter 1704 Going Deep Into The Mine

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Hearing the frightened screams of the miners, Austin rushed out of the mine immediately.

When he made it to the ground, he was surprised to see that around other mines were also in a stampede. The miners were all running like hell as they were trying to escape.

On the other hand, the three elders and the stewards along with the hundreds of the principal disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land had flanked all sides of one mine. They were all alert and combat-ready.

The three elders were undoubtedly the most powerful ones in the team. But they also stared at the entrance of the mine seriously. It only meant that the unknown creature sheltering here must be very powerful and terrifying.

As streams of black smoke constantly sprang out from the mine, the smell of blood penetrated into the air of the surrounding area.

Judging by the heavy smell of human blood, Austin could tell that plenty of miners have already lost their lives inside the mine.

Just a few seconds ago, those miners came here excitedly looking forward to the big rewards and vacations that the elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land had promised them. However, they didn't expect that something would just come and take their lives.

''No one survived?'' asked one of the elders sullenly.

He knew that the mining process would not go smoothly if they could not fix this problem.

''Over two hundred miners went into that mine earlier but no one made it out," answered one of the stewards.

"Several principal disciples also rushed into the mine when they heard that tremendous sound. None of them came out either,"

one of the stewards answered.

Those principal disciples were all at the Divine Bridge Realm but unfortunately, they had all just vanished after entering the mine. There was a big possibility that they all died in there. Something very dangerous must really be hiding there.

Boom! Boom!

Another loud sound of explosion was heard from the mine. It was so strong that the ground shook violently.


Then thick clouds of smoke expelled from the entrance of the mine.

At the center of the smoke, there was an evil energy that was released by some unknown horrifying creatures.

"Ahhhhh!" A horrifying scream of agony filled the air.

The miners who were exposed to the smoke or even just the slightest explosion suddenly grabbed their throats in pain. Their eyes were wide open in shock and fear.

After a few seconds, they all fell onto the ground and disintegrated until they became a pool of blood.

Even the principal disciples turned pallid at the sight of the poisonous smoke. The weake


"We should make sure of our safety now. I don't want to end up like them."

"Those people don't really care about us. For them, we are just cannon fodders."

"Alas! We are just laborers and we have no backgrounds. The members of the holy lands are way much stronger than us.''

"Yes, you're right. We are just mortals so we are nothing compared to them. They are all too powerful especially the three elders. We don't have any choice but to obey their orders.''

"'We know nothing about martial arts so their power is enough to rule over us like gods.''

The miners kept on grumbling while marching forward slowly.

Those timid miners couldn't help shivering while looking at the corpses on the ground.

"Attention, everyone! I might have found something right in front of us," shouted one miner suddenly.

He was walking with several miners in front of the team.

When the rest of the miners heard his voice, everyone looked in front.

They saw some sparkling lights being emitted by a gleaming crystal.

It was surrounded by the lifeless bodies of the principal disciples.

"We've found the ruling crystal!" blurted an old miner in astonishment.

"I have been mining for several decades but I have never seen such a big one!" he added.

The miners were mostly mortals so they knew nothing about martial arts.

But because of the long-term mining experience, they were very much familiar with the divine vital energy crystal, the enlightening crystal and the ruling crystal. They might be even more knowledgeable than the majority of the warriors when talking about crystals.

"Look at that! It's a giant black foot. Why does the ruling crystal have a foot inside? What's going on?" screamed one of the miners.

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