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   Chapter 1703 Perilous Mine

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After returning to the mining area of the Rudimentary Holy Land, Austin proceeded with more caution. 'The person who had such strong spiritual sense must be incredibly powerful. If I am not careful, someone will spot me, ' he thought to himself.

Suddenly, a narrow tent caught his attention. It was just a stone's throw away from him.

Using his spiritual sense, he saw a dozen miners who worked for the Rudimentary Holy Land. They looked tired and were sleeping soundly in the tent.

Mining was a backbreaking job which required workers to work for long hours. These miners would not waste a single minute. They would grab every chance they had to rest and sleep once they finished their work at the end of the day.

'Perhaps I can pose as a miner. That way, no one will pay attention to me.'

A brilliant idea popped in Austin's mind.

Since he was displaying his bodily movement skill, no one could see him. He headed towards the tent, and soon he could enter it with no one noticing him.

He drew closer to one miner who were sound asleep.

Wasting no time, Austin transported the sleeping man into his City model.

He then used the Appearance-transforming Clothes to pretend that he was the miner whom he had sent into his City model.

After which, he communicated with Violet who was training herself in the Slave Tower. With her help, he changed the aura of his spiritual soul.

Violet had improved a lot and was now more skillful in illusion than ever before.

The disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land could not see through Austin's disguise.

The elders or stewards of the Rudimentary Holy Land might be able to recognize Austin's charade only if they paid extra attention to him.

Austin then lay there pretending to be asleep. An hour later, a dark-skinned, brawny man broke into the tent.

"Wake up, all of you! A bunch of low-born losers.

Have you forgotten why you are here? We did not hire you to sleep.

Get up and start working!" he yelled harshly.

He walked around the tent, kicking every miner he found asleep.

This man was the foreman. He was responsible for supervising the miners.

Terrified, all the men including Austin got up hurriedly and rushed out of the tent.

Moments later, over four thousand miners gathered in an open area. They were men with olive-brown skin.

With them were three elders. With their hands behind their back, they stood opposite the miners. They were elders from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Behind them were several stewards and a few hundred principal disciples.

Austin looked around

month long holiday. You will be allowed to leave this place and rest at home for a month,"

an elder from the Rudimentary Holy Land said in a loud voice.

"A hundred-fold pay and a vacation for one month!"

The eyes of most miners lit up in excitement.

After all, they were here to earn money.

A hundred-fold pay was a tempting motivation for them.

The fear vanished from their faces.

The miners finally agreed to start working.

"Now that you all agree, please enter the mine and start working," the elder went on.

He smiled to himself, pleased that his scheme worked.

The miners were divided into dozens of groups and went down the mines.

Austin was assigned to mine number 40.

He followed several hundred miners as they walked towards the mine.

With the use of his spiritual sense, he saw several channels. The deeper he went, the darker it got.

He looked around and realized that people just had dug into the mine recently.

They finally reached the bottom as they were over a hundred meters deep in the ground. The mine workers grabbed their tools and started digging, and so did Austin.

While working, Austin wondered what the leaders of the Rudimentary Holy Land were looking for in the mines.

An hour passed.

Austin almost lost his balance, as he felt the ground underneath his feet trembling violently.

Then he heard screams coming from the outside.

A soft wind slithered through their skin. A brownish mist floated into the air and enveloped the mine where Austin was assigned.

"Bloody hell! Run! This is the perilous mine. If we don't run, we will be buried here, alive!"

All the mine workers including Austin immediately raced to get out of the mine.

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