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   Chapter 1702 Entering Into The Mine District

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Without any more hesitations, Austin immediately left the Rudimentary Holy Land. He was heading towards the Northern Mine District in the East Mainland.

The Northern Mine District was thousands of miles away, so Austin had to use the teleportation arrays frequently during his travel.

Many of the teleportation arrays located in the big cities were open to everyone. Everybody could use it as much as they wanted as long as they could afford to pay for it.

Days and nights had passed by as Austin kept on his journey. After spending almost a month on the way, he eventually arrived at the Northern Mine District.

A wild and barren land welcomed Austin as he arrived. It looked like a vast red sea as the red soil covered the ground. Austin scanned the area and saw nothing but the red turf with lumps of reddish-brown rocks of different shapes and sizes.

Without any living things wandering around, the district looked empty and deserted. More barren stone mountains stretched across the skyline.

There was not a living creature or plant around. Humans often avoided the area and rarely passed by it. Without anything but the wide desolated land, it was like a dead zone.

The freezing weather accompanied the empty lands. A film of frigid mist covered the place all the time. The mist was cold enough to send chills to those few people who walked in this area.

Despite that, Austin knew that underneath this cold, barren ground lied treasures every cultivator would long for. A great number of crystals were hidden somewhere in this wild land.

The treasures that awaited him were not only those vital energy crystals but also different kinds of rare and special crystals. It was said that the Northern Mine District contained all those kinds of fortune.

Because of the riches it contained, many sects and clans in the East Mainland wanted to take full advantage of the area for their interests. A long time ago, the three strong holy lands, the three powerful clans, and some other supreme sects had already entered the Northern Mine District. They had divided the area among each of them. Every sect and clan separately controlled a part of the district they owned as they started to excavate their turfs for those crystals.

The Northern Mine District was also one of the reasons why the holy lands, the clans, and some of the supreme sects became powerful and stayed strong for a long time in the East Mainland.

Controlling a mining district meant that they had full access to a mountain of gold. That was enough to provide strong financial support for the whole sect and help it grow stronger.

However, the vast land seemed endless. No one ever saw or knew the end of it.

The Northern Mine District covered almost half of the area in the East Mainland.

As a result, even though the three holy lands, the three clans, and other supreme sects had started the excavation for crystals for a long time, they still had not uncovered the whole area yet. The huge area still contained a great amount of treas

felt a strong spiritual sense that was quickly moving close to him from a distance.

'It must be an elder from the Rudimentary Holy Land, ' Austin thought.

It all happened so fast!

Austin was surprised, but he acted immediately. He exerted the spatial power and vanished into thin air.

The surge of the strong spiritual sense came a split second after Austin had vanished.

It passed by the location where Austin had been standing and swirled back and forth in that area. From the way it moved, it seemed that the owner of the spiritual sense was trying to find something in that spot.

On the other side, inside one of the big tents in this mining district, an old man was sitting quietly with his legs crossed. His eyes were closed as if he was busy focusing his attention as he searched for something.

"It's so strange. I am sure that I sensed someone sneak into this area. But that person was gone suddenly. Is it just my illusion?" the old man said to himself.

He was an elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land, who was in charge of the security and management in this mining district.

He used his spiritual sense to sweep the area dozens of times, but he could not find anything. Eventually, the elder grew tired and gave up.

Meanwhile, as soon as Austin vanished entirely, he went into the void of chaos and hid there.

After more than an hour of staying there, he came back to the mining district when he felt that it was safe to get out.

'I should figure out a way to go into this mining district without being found. Otherwise, there would be no other way for me to find Will, '

Austin thought carefully.

Austin knew that there must be many powerful cultivators from the Rudimentary Holy Land who were supervising and safeguarding the mining district all the time. They were surely keen on doing their jobs to ensure the safety of the crystals. If Austin made any mistake, they might find him and cause him trouble. He must think of a discreet plan to get through and avoid the danger.

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