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   Chapter 1701 The Northern Mine District

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Because of Will, the Flame Holy Land lost its base three years ago.

Will was a principal disciple of the Rudimentary Holy Land. He was sent to the Flame Holy Land to infiltrate and gather information.

During that time, it was him who reported to the superiors of the Rudimentary Holy Land that Austin was back to the base. After learning about it, the leaders of the seven top sects sent their disciples to attack and destroy the base of the Flame Holy Land.

In short, Will was the real perpetrator of the destruction of the Flame Holy Land.

Since Austin was now the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, one of his responsibilities was to avenge his sect. Definitely, he would never let Will go.

As soon as Austin got out of the cave, he left the wilderness immediately.

He was now on his way to the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy Land. It was payback time.

On his journey to the headquarters, he heard a good news. He found out that the three elders of the Flame Holy Land had already been to the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy Land and Kirin Sect to stir up trouble.

'It looks like the three elders have become much stronger after they've cultivated the Flame Scripture. Before, they needed to work together to activate the power of our ultimate magical treasure. But now, they can make the ultimate magical treasure work on their own, ' he thought.

He was elated to know the improvements of the three elders.

"Our sect now has the ultimate magical treasure and the ancient scripture. The three elders have greatly improved their powers as well. It won't take long before we can rebuild our sect," murmured Austin.

His eyes showed much joy as he thought that their sect would be revived very soon.

Half a month later, Austin had finally reached the location of the Rudimentary Holy Land headquarters.

Austin studied the place very well because he needed to be cautious. He learned that the headquarters had heavy defenses. A lot of the disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land were guarding the gates and taking turns in patrolling the whole area. Before he could even get near the headquarters, he needed to pass by the gates of the Blue City first.

This time, Austin disguised himself as a middle-aged man and went to the gates of the Blue City. Once he could enter the Blue City, it would be much easier to penetrate the headquarters.

The Blue City was actually built by the Rudimentary Holy Land so this sect was the one controlling it.

Most estates and shops here were owned by the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Also, half of the cultivators in the city were disciples of the Rudimentary H

inst him."

The disciple tried to persuade the other disciples. They were in their territory. They shouldn't let Austin beat them just like that.

Although they were still skeptical, the rest of the disciples gathered up some courage. Then they took out their weapons and unleashed their vital energy force. They dashed together towards Austin at full speed.

Austin placed his hands behind his back. He had no intention of finishing them with his own hands.

'This place is near the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy Land. I must finish them off quickly, ' he thought.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred puppets showed up. Some of them were as strong as a Divine Bridge Realm cultivator. Some were even stronger.

They swarmed towards the disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Within seconds, the puppets held their targets captives. All of them were seriously injured.

Austin thought that he could bring his puppets and prisoners to the Slave Tower.

So, he went to a quiet place and started to concentrate. A few moments later, they were already in the Slave Tower.

There, Austin started torturing them. He asked them where Will was.

Eventually, one disciple gave in. According to him, Will was sent to the Northern Mine District.

"Northern Mine District?" confirmed Austin. He still wasn't convinced.

"Why did your leader dispatch so many people there? Did they really discover some rare crystal mine?" he asked again.

Unfortunately, the disciple also didn't know the answer.

'Fine. I will pay that place a visit, ' he thought.

Austin felt that he needed to personally confirm that Will was really there. And if he found Will there, he would definitely not let him go anymore.

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