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   Chapter 1700 Caroline's Training

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Austin transported himself on the street of the City model after completing the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

As soon as he showed up, Caroline rushed out of a building nearby and tightly hugged him. Her eyes lit up, and she was obviously thrilled.

Ever since they destroyed the Flame Holy Land, she and her people had been living in Austin's City model.

"Austin you are here!"

Priest Callum greeted him right away as he approached him.

Aware of their romantic relationship, he was not surprised with the show of affection in front of him.

He met Austin in the Prime Martial World. He witnessed how Austin advanced and grew stronger. He had a good opinion of the young man in front of him.

"You have entered the Emperor Realm, Caroline,"

Austin gushed.

Judging by the vital energy she released, he knew that she was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

"Yes I did the other day,"

Caroline replied cheerfully as she touched Austin's face.

"Our queen is talented in cultivation, but she needs more practice.

Since we came to the Divine Continent, she has gotten no chance to fight. Otherwise, she would have obtained a higher vital energy realm,"

Priest Callum cut in.

"Good point."

Austin nodded his head in agreement.

An idea occurred to him.

"Caroline, I'll be back in a second," he told her.

He then transported himself to the eighth floor of the Slave Tower.

The instant he showed up, Brady made his appearance as well.

"Master." Brady opened his arms as he respectfully welcomed him.

"A girl will soon start training here. She had reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

However, the weakest slaves here are of the same level as her. I fear for her safety.

Do you have any idea on how to keep her safe?" Austin asked.

He wanted to make sure Caroline would be safe as she underwent training.

Countless cultivators who entered the Slave Tower were killed during the trials.

Much as she had reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm, the slaves here were too strong for her.

Austin wanted nothing bad to happen to her.

"Don't worry, master. I am the guardian spirit of this tower. All the slaves here are under my control.

For her safety, I will arrange only those slaves at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm to

s good at illusions, and spiritual crystals had proven to be very useful if she wanted to advance her illusion skills.

"Master, we are about to start our training,"

Violet said.

Soon, she and the gnome were headed towards different directions to start their trainings in the desert.

"Violet and gnome are my friends. Please keep them safe as well," Austin requested through his spiritual sense.

"Yes master. Rest assured; they will be safe here," Brady responded.

He was the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower. It was an easy task for him to protect several people at the same time.

"Did you forget, brat? You promised to give me some spiritual crystals,"

the Flame Emperor cut in, obviously annoyed at Austin.

"I am sorry. I almost forgot it."

Austin then transferred hundreds of thousands of spiritual crystals into his Soul Sea so that the Flame Emperor could get them.

"It's okay. Apology accepted," the Flame Emperor answered.

His eyes lit up as he stared at the spiritual crystals. He could feel his chest pounding with joy at the thought of what he could do with the crystals. Spiritual crystals could be very helpful to him.

As Austin finished off his tasks, he transported himself out of the Slave Tower.

In a split second, he was back in the cave.

"It's time to go out.

You are one of those responsible for destroying our base, Will Fang. It's time for you to pay for what you did," Austin murmured.

His eyes filled with anger as he tried to control his rage from bursting out of his chest.

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