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   Chapter 1699 Reach The Preliminary Stage Of Divine Bridge Realm

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"Hey, Austin, you're going too fast!" said Bray in a slightly reproachful tone. He had to walk fast to join Austin who was far ahead of him.

Jerking his thumb at the two beautiful girls with whom he was trying to flirt, a few seconds ago, he continued, "I can't believe you lied to me that the two beautiful ladies are just ordinary friends of yours. Their behavior shows it's more than friendship. They obviously are more affectionate towards you. Miss Stacy of the Deep Sea Commercial House even gave her identity token to you.

It is not fair! There are already three beauties at the Holy Daughter level with whom you have relationships. Brother, you are robbing me of opportunities of hitting on hot girls," complained Bray.

He was whining as he had received the cold shoulder from the two beautiful girls, one after another.

As he spoke, his eyes fell upon the Peacock Princess. She was glaring at him.

She was one of the three Holy Daughter beauties that he had mentioned earlier. Seeing her stare fiercely at him, he thought it was better for him to leave as soon as possible.

He coughed and said, "Ahem! Excuse me, Austin, if there is nothing else, I think I should get going now."

Bray hurriedly found an excuse and decided to escape from the fury of the Peacock Princess. He left from the place as soon as possible using his bodily movement skill. Obviously, he was afraid that the Peacock Princess would give him a stern and angry reply.

"Austin, can I ask you for something? Could you please give me more spiritual crystals?

Well, I know this will sound absurd but I need more of them. Actually six hundred years ago, my father was lured into a trap by the former leader of the Ji Clan and received severe injuries. Although I have tried various treatments, he has not yet shaken off those terrible injuries. His condition is pathetic, for he has been in coma for six hundred years! It is said that spiritual crystals may help him recover. So, I'm requesting you for more spiritual crystals. Forgive me for being thick-skinned to ask for more!"

The Peacock princess begged Austin for more spiritual crystals. Her eyes had turned moist as she spoke of her father.

"What? Your father is still alive?"

On hearing this unexpected news, Austin was very shocked.

Like others, he too had heard rumors which were prevalent in the East Mainland that the Peacock King had died of serious injuries which he had received after a violent battle with the former leader of the Ji Clan.

"Yes, luckily my father survived that combat, despite some serious injuries. But he is still in a coma.

I wanted to protect my father from the Ji Clan's threat. That is why I had spread the news that he was dead,"

the Peacock Princess explained to Austin the reason for those rumors regarding her father's death.

"That makes sense. In that case, here you go. These are five million spiritual crystals here. Is that enough?"

After knowing about the Peacock King and realizing the Peacock Princess

ly Land. They were not at a disadvantage at all.

Obviously, the strength of the three elders of the Flame Holy Land had comparatively improved by leaps and bounds than what it was three years ago. That was really brilliant!

The battle did not end at that point.

A few days later, the three elders of the Flame Holy Land popped up at the headquarters of the Kirin Sect with their ultimate magical treasure. They invaded the core area of the headquarters of the Kirin Sect relentlessly. During the bitter battle that followed, they killed many of the Kirin Sect's masters and countless disciples.

Later, the reclusive elders of the Kirin Sect launched their protection array to force the three elders of the Flame Holy Land to back off.

There had been two big battles already.

The three elders of the Flame Holy Land publicly spoke in the East Mainland that this was just the beginning.

With the ultimate magical treasure of the Flame Holy Land, they were going to call upon the other seven sects—the three Holy Lands, the Ji Clan and the Shen Clan belonging to the three aristocratic families, as well as the Kirin Sect and the Blue Sect, and wreak havoc upon them.

These seven sects had attacked and brutally destroyed the base of the Flame Holy Land, three years ago.

And the three elders of the Flame Holy Land who had managed to survive the attack, had returned for revenge.

Time flew by. Austin had been busy cultivating for a month in the training room recently.

All of a sudden, tremendous vital energy force was released from his body. It radiated all around.

It was the shock wave of the internal force that broke out when he had a breakthrough to reach higher cultivation base level. It was just what Austin had been waiting for.

Slowly he opened his eyes, which flashed and sparkled with excitement.

He was overwhelmed with joy. Finally after a month of cultivation, he had succeeded in having a breakthrough and reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm!

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