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   Chapter 1698 A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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Stacy, Belle, Bray, the Peacock Princess and her maids, all of them stared at Austin in shock.

Austin's actions done earlier that day impressed them greatly.

Austin had wiped out a few hundred disciples from the holy lands, prominent clans and some first-class sects. Moreover, he took down two stewards of the Vasteras Holy Land who were at the Minor-perfection Realm. He even took the Spiritual Tower with him.

The Spiritual Tower had stood in the Angel City for a few hundred thousand years, and had become a famous place for cultivators to explore rare treasures and practice their skills.

But now Austin had taken it with him. He had accomplished what no one had even dreamed of.

"So, is it true that the Spiritual Tower is in your hands now, Austin?"

Belle asked as she couldn't hold back her curiosity.

"Yeah! Surprising isn't it? Well, the Spiritual Tower is actually a magic treasure, and I refined it by chance,"

Austin replied calmly.

He had no intention of telling his companions how he had gotten the tower in detail.

Every cultivator had their own secrets that they would like to keep to themselves. He was no different. There were some things which had to be hidden.

Belle didn't push him because she respected his privacy. She understood that Austin didn't want to share any further details.

Stacy, the Peacock Princess and other people also let go of the topic as they didn't want to infringe his right to privacy.

"Dude, when you could handle them on your own, why didn't you tell us?

I must have looked so foolish in front of them, to claim that I would protect you, when clearly you needed no protection. That's so embarrassing!"

Bray whined, as he looked at Austin.

Stacy, Belle, and the Peacock Princess also gazed at Austin with a hint of anger and awkwardness in their eyes.

They felt embarrassed at the thought that they had come to Austin's rescue earlier. They wouldn't have rushed if they knew he could deal with them on his own.

It was indeed a fact that Austin could deal with his enemies alone.

"Thanks all of you!"

Austin said earnestly.

'A friend in need is a friend indeed. They stood out to defend me regardless of the danger that lay ahead.

They are really my true friends, ' he thought.

"Well, I got some spiritual crystals. Perhaps you will need them," he continued.

Then he took out a heap of spiritual crystals.

Slowly he waved his sleeve and all those crystals flew towards his companions.

There were thirty thousand spiritual crystals floating in front of Stacy. The same number of spiritual crystal levitated in front of the Peacock Princes

m what he had just said, Bray was ecstatic.

Suddenly, he straightened his clothes and ran his hand over his hair to set them in place. He was trying to make himself look better before walking up to Stacy in a gentleman-like manner.

"Ahem! Hello, Miss Ren.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bray Xiao..."

"Stay away from me!"

Stacy interrupted him in a cold tone.

Bray was quite infamous in the East Mainland for being a womanizer. Most of the girls had heard about him already.

"I'm leaving now. Take care, Austin.

And take this token. With this I assure you that the people in the Deep Sea Commercial House will respect you the same way they respect me. You can ask them to do anything by showing this," Stacy said to Austin, as she threw a bronze token to him, which he caught and kept carefully.

Then she left the woods with her crew.

Bray didn't get frustrated after being rejected by Stacy. It looked like he was used to being turned down in this manner. On the contrary, he cheekily drew closer to Belle.

"Hello, Holy Daughter.

I'm Bray Xiao. Please remember to contact me whenever you are free. I'd be honored," he accosted.

Belle gave him a cold, warning stare.

"Be careful, Austin. I have to go too. My companions are still waiting for me in the Angel City," Belle said to Austin.

Quickly she turned into a light and headed towards the Angel City.

'Unbelievable! Belle has already reached the medium stage of Divine Bridge Realm, ' Austin exclaimed as he stared at her retreating figure.

'The Crystal Moonlight Body is indeed amazing. Thanks to this special constitution, she had broken into the Divine Bridge Realm from the Emperor Realm in just a few years. And now this. She's really going places!'

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