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   Chapter 1697 Leaving The Angel City

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The two Vasteras Holy Land stewards stood frozen in their place at the sight of the three puppets rushing towards them. Deep inside, though, they were panicking. How would they defeat those puppets at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm?

Although they weren't confident about winning this battle, they had no choice but to fight. "You're just asking for death!" the two stewards shouted at Austin.

In a split-second, the battle between the three puppets and the two stewards broke out.

Powerful energy came on all fours. People who were witnessing the fight were torn between feeling frightened and feeling amazed.

The rivals fought unapologetically, with the attacks containing numerous vital energy forces.

Loud explosive sounds roared around the area. It was as if a war between nations broke out. It felt that big.

All members of the audience ran for their lives. No one wanted to be a casualty of this battle.

It was only when they were ten thousand meters away from the battlefield that they calmed down.

The three puppets and the two Vasteras Holy Land stewards fought vehemently and uninterruptedly. Given their respective strong powers, the battle was bound to take time. The ground shook like there was an earthquake. The air was filled with dust.

Within a few minutes, the Vasteras Holy Land stewards got hit! They fell on the ground and kept coughing up blood. Their inside organs were damaged, too.

As the stewards grew weaker, the three puppets seemingly grew stronger.

No blade, sword, or form of attack could maim them.

One eye contact with each other and the two stewards knew what to do next.

They turned around to run separately. They had no choice; they were at the losing end.

"Who's leaving, huh? No one's leaving!" yelled Austin.

Using his spiritual sense, he commanded his Spiritual Pot to hit the Soul Sea of one of the stewards.

This attack shouldn't be belittled. Austin's spiritual sense was much more powerful than that of a strong cultivator at the Minor-perfection Realm.

The steward's Soul Sea got severely shook upon the attack. His face turned pale at once.

He looked at Austin, horrified by the truth that a young man could release such a great spiritual sense attack. After all, Austin was only at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, while they were at the Minor-perfection Realm.


While the steward stood paralyzed and nearly unconscious, a golden crystal puppet rushed towards him and hit him

piritual Tower, which just used to be nothing to them.

"The Spiritual Tower was a magic treasure? Blimey, I didn't know that!"

"It's Austin's fault that the Spiritual Tower was shrunk and taken away. How could he do that to our magic treasure?"

Some great masters waxed nostalgic about the Spiritual Tower.

"Strong cultivators from the three holy lands and three aristocratic families used to attack the Spiritual Tower. Every attempt, however, ended the same way: they failed to break its gate.

That makes it an extraordinary magic treasure. It's beyond our imagination.

But Austin, that young man, what right did he have to take the Spiritual Tower away? He isn't even powerful!"

People couldn't stop talking about the Spiritual Tower, and of course, they couldn't leave Austin out of the narrative, as he was the new owner of the tower and the hottest name in all of the East Mainland.

The buzz about him wouldn't die down anytime soon, as his killings of disciples from big sects and kidnappings of Holy Sons and Holy Daughters became more widely known. History was catching up to him, not the other way around, raring to write his name on its books.

Meanwhile, Austin had been gone from the Angel City for half an hour already.

He reached a lush forest near a mountain

and stayed there to wait for his companions.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Several figures soon emerged:

Stacy, Belle, Peacock Princess, Bray, and all the others.

As it turned out, they had kept constant communication with Austin through their spiritual sense along the way.

They had all agreed to meet in the forest. They knew Austin would be there.

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