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   Chapter 1695 I Am Not Afraid Of A Group Fight

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In the sky, Austin was obviously enjoying the fight.

Since he was using the Golden Sun Scripture combined with the Infernal Scripture, he was confident that his power was already a match for a Holy Son of any holy lands.

"Ha ha! Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land! Beating you is just a walk in the park for me. It's time to end this boring fight," shouted Austin. He knew that he should not delay any longer.

They had been fighting fiercely for quite a while by now.

For sure, the news of his presence here had already spread outside. Any moment, other masters would come here for him.

If he stayed here any longer, he might be in big trouble. Just one or two big names in the East Mainland might already endanger him.

"That's bullshit! You are just talking big, Austin! Who do you think you are, huh? You can't even beat me until now!" The Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land roared in anger.

He couldn't believe that after using his two most powerful fighting skills, Austin remained undefeated. It really upset him.

"Talking big, huh? Little man, I am just playing with you right now. Don't you know that beating you down is just a piece of cake?" Austin's voice rumbled in midair.

Everyone in the crowd was stunned upon hearing what he had just said.

"What is he talking about?" "How arrogant he is!"

They couldn't believe that Austin had the guts to talk to a Holy Son that way.

Actually, witnessing Austin fight with the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land already gave them an utter shock.

Now, Austin was even challenging him and provoking him more? Did he forget that he was fighting with a Holy Son?

"Does Austin know what he is saying? I think he's just bragging about his skills."

"You're right! Although his fighting skill looks amazing, I think it's still impossible for him to beat the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land easily."

"It seems that Austin is just being a show-off."

Many people kept on whispering to each other.

"Haha! You son of a bitch!"

The Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land laughed with anger. "That's good then. Let's see how you can easily beat me," he added.

Obviously, he also didn't believe that Austin had the capability of defeating him.

Austin didn't respond anymore. He just smiled coldly and started to concentrate.


The half-meter high Spiritual Pot in the Omnipotent Pot rushed out in an astonishing speed and immediately flew towards the Soul Sea of the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land.

The volume of this Spiritual Pot had increased more than twelve times compared to the previous one.

With great

"Son of a bitch! You are too cruel, Austin!" roared Howard in anger. He witnessed the bloody scene before his eyes.


Austin wielded his white Infernal Sword towards Howard.

Howard's voice came to a halt.

And to everyone's surprise, Howard's head was cut off and fell to the ground. Blood spurted out all over the place.

"You are definitely ferocious in nature, Austin! You are making a massacre," shouted Max suddenly.

"Guys, let's kill this perp together for the peace of the East Mainland!"

Max immediately released a cloud of black energy towards Austin.

"That's right! Such an evil murderer deserves death indeed!"

The Holy Son and the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land, Stephen and Polly, also darted towards Austin aggressively.

"Kill Austin for the East Mainland!"

The Holy Son of the Rudimentary Holy Land also unleashed terrible energy and rushed towards Austin.

"Kill Austin! Kill Austin!" chanted everyone.

All the disciples of the three Holy Lands, the three aristocratic families, the Kirin Sect, and the Blue Sect charged at Austin.

They knew that they couldn't beat Austin individually so they decided to plunge altogether. Shame on them!

Stacy felt scared for Austin so she waved her hand to order the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House to protect him.

Peacock Princess and the other women of the beast race also gathered.

Bray joined them as well.

"Ha ha! You want to have a group fight against me? Do you really think that you can beat me by exploiting your numerical superiority? What a naive idea! Nobody can ever threaten me with a group fight!"

Austin burst out laughing while glowering at them. He had an intense desire to kill the approaching foes.

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