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   Chapter 1694 Tense Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9975

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Amidst the chaos on the battlefield, something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, the three Buddha statues behind the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land stretched out their right hands together at the same time.

Then three palms expanded in an instant, turning into massive bulk of mass––as big as a hill. They flew towards the three golden balls behind Austin in a bid to catch them.

The three golden balls came dashing at the three palms, and in a flash, an explosion resounded as they clashed with each together.

Meanwhile, this encounter caused a terrifyingly, powerful energy wave that spread in all directions.

Over forty cultivators nearby were thrown into the air due to the impact. The immense force hit their bodies as they landed on the ground, causing them to cough out blood.

"Oh my gosh! This is horrible!"

"Luckily, I have run away from them quickly. Had I not, that horrible energy wave would have massacred me!"

The cultivators were surely freaked out of that scene, causing them to take a step back of two kilometers stretch.

'The powers of two ancient scriptures are insanely amazing, ' all of them thought in utter shock.

"Go to hell!" the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land roared.

He emitted a blast of golden light and completely enveloped himself in it. The people around couldn't see his face clearly as the golden light blazed around him.

Out of the blue, the three Buddha statues behind the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land got up simultaneously. They took a step forward and began chanting. Their voices were so loud that they shook the earth and the sky.

Each of three Buddha statues formed a palm and directed it to hit Austin, releasing more powerful energy compared to the previous ones.

"You think you can take me out? Keep on dreaming!"

Austin retorted with a mocking laugh.

He was pleased to know that merely employing the Golden Sun Scripture could already take on the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land.

After all, the latter was one of the top cultivators among the younger generation of the East Mainland.

If he were that recognized and infamous, it would be very satisfying for Austin to beat him.

So, as Austin commanded the three golden balls to unleash immense energy, they dashed towards the three palms.

In a flash, those energies collided with one another again.

The collision went on, and on that, it caused the air to vibrate.

The impact was so strong that crevices began to materialize on the ground of the square, eventually causing it to break.

Yet, even with the collapse of the main structure, the Slave Tower nearby remained intact as if nothing had happened.

All the spectators jumped into the mid-air, leaving Austin and his opponent unbothered.

However, a couple of seconds later, everyone saw the two soaring into the sky, still keeping their combative mode and intensifying their battle even more.

"Austin, I'm going to kill you for sure,"

the Holy Son

hint of affection glinted in her eyes as she blurted out those words.

"When did this guy become so powerful?"

Stacy couldn't help but wonder in disbelief.

"Dude, you rock!"

Bray's jaw almost dropped as he watched the fierce fight.

The disciples from the three holy lands, the three prominent clans, and some first-class sects looked grim as they recognized and named Austin to be their enemy.

His overwhelming performance and tricks in this battle were surely not a good sign for them. Things would go out of hand if he was really a lot stronger than he looked.

Those Holy Sons and Holy Daughters from the three holy lands and the Holy Heritors of the three prominent clans held a livid expression on their faces.

"Damn it!" cursed Max, who was the Holy Heritor of the Ji Clan.

He fixated his spiteful gaze on Austin's back, wishing for the latter to drop dead at that instant.

Stephen and Polly from the Vasteras Holy Land, the Holy Son of the Rudimentary Holy Land, and the Holy Heritor of the Shen Clan were also all wanting to take Austin's life.

They all wanted Austin dead because his great potential in cultivation posed an immense threat their way.

If they would just let him be, the snake could come back and bite them on their backs. The last thing they wanted to see was Austin beating the shit out every single one of them in the future.

He had undoubtedly threatened their status in the young generation of the entire East Mainland.

Moments later, Max, Stephen, Polly, the Holy Son of the Rudimentary Holy Land, and the Holy Heritor of the Shen Clan shared suspicious glances.

"Guys, we can't allow Austin to become even stronger. He would be difficult to deal with if we let that happen.

We need to join hands and finish him off today at any costs,"

Max said to them through his spiritual sense.

The rest of them nodded in agreement, seeming to come to a consensus.

Finally, they resolved to bring down Austin together.

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