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   Chapter 1693 Two Ancient Scriptures

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A dozen of girls flew above the square and landed beside Austin right on cue.

"Are you all right, Austin?" asked the girl who was at the lead.

They were the Peacock Princess and her personal maids.

"We meet again, little man,"

Cheryl said as she stared at Austin.

Everyone on the square was dumbfounded.

Stacy, Belle and Peacock Princess were all captivating girls. They possessed a beauty that was magnetizing. Any men who laid their eyes on them would surely fall in love. Now, they were defending Austin.

Even Peacock Princess's maids looked hot and were very attractive.

A dozen of enchanting girls stood around Austin and tried to keep him safe.

All the young men could do nothing but grew envious of Austin.

'Damn it! What is it about this brat? Why are all these beautiful girls willing to risk their lives for him?

Miss Ren is our goddess, ' they thought as they glared at Austin with envy.

"What are you waiting for, Austin? Run!

Do you want all of us to die here now?"

Belle shouted, as she glared at Austin.

"Dude, get out of here right now! I think we have a better chance of getting out of this if we work together,"

Bray said to Austin.

Stacy fixed her eyes on Austin. She nodded in agreement with Bray. 'Austin should make his escape before it is too late, ' she thought.

Austin knew what was on his friends' mind.

He pretended to cough before he opened his mouth.

"Thank you for coming to my aid. I appreciate your concern, but I will not run away. No, it's not going to happen," Austin said.

Full of confidence, he looked at each of them and placed his hands on his waist.

Austin had no intention of escaping. He had so many trump cards that people from the seven sects on the square couldn't pose a threat to him.

He planned to even the score with these people for destroying Flame Holy Land's base and slaughtering its disciples. It was payback time, and there was no way that he would leave the square without avenging his comrades.

Stacy, Belle, Peacock Princess and Bray all had a puzzled expression on their faces upon hearing his words. They looked at each other in disbelief.

"Come on, guys, give me more credit! Haven't you seen me fight?

It's a piece of cake! I can handle these losers, trust me!"

he continued as he gave them a reassuring smile.

A principal disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land could not contro

"Screw you! Do you think you're the only one who has studied the ancient scriptures?"

Austin yelled, his eyes fixed at the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land.

Austin's body glowed, and soon three golden balls emerged from his body.

They moved restlessly behind Austin.

As it hovered around Austin, the three golden balls radiated with blazing light.

Soon, the sea of golden fire surrounded Austin.

"This is an abnormal vision.

Austin practiced the ancient scripture too.

Now I know! He must have studied the ancient scripture of the Flame Holy Land!"

someone in the crowd said.

Most cultivators believed that the only way to create this kind of abnormal vision was cultivate the ancient scripture.

Since Austin was a disciple from the Flame Holy Land, almost everyone present was convinced that he created this abnormal vision because he learned the ancient scripture of the Flame Holy Land.

No one dared to taunt Austin. At the moment, they were terrified of him.

They all knew that cultivators who had practiced the ancient scriptures could metamorphose into someone very powerful.

Those who could display the abnormal vision were considered the best among the best.

At this point, the three huge golden balls drew near at the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land.

"All right. Let me see how powerful the Flame Scripture of the Flame Holy Land is,"

the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land snorted.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Austin and the Holy Son of the Vasteras Holy Land, eager to witness the powers of two ancient scriptures battle in front of them.

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