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   Chapter 1692 They Came To Help Austin

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"Is he out of his mind?" What Austin had just said petrified all the cultivators in the square.

"Damn it! Austin is way too cocky," commented one cultivator.

"He is being surrounded by many disciples of different top sects. He still has the nerve to brag? Why doesn't he just focus on finding ways of getting away?"

"I think he is scared out of his wits. He's just trying to hide it from us," added another cultivator.

"The Holy Sons of the three holy lands and the three prominent clans are here. No matter how strong he is, he still can't defeat them all."

The disciples who were not from the seven top sects were whispering to each other. They had different opinions toward Austin.

"Well, I believe Austin won't be killed that easy. Have you forgotten? He wiped out a few hundred disciples from these top sects in the Spiritual Tower; on his own."

Someone also voiced out his thoughts.

"He must have something up his sleeve. Otherwise he wouldn't be that calm."

While everyone was busy exchanging opinions, a loud voice was suddenly heard.

"Excuse me! Move please!"

A group of people who were escorting a girl arrived at the square. They made their way directly to Austin.

The girl was so stunning. She was wearing a long white dress. She exuded an elegant and aloof aura.

"Are you the guy I've met in the Wild Herb Valley?" asked the girl when they were already in front of Austin. Her voice sounded sulky yet nervous.

Her name was Stacy. She was the daughter of the leader of Deep Sea Commercial House.

Actually, Stacy didn't know that Austin changed his looks when they were in the Wild Herb Valley three years ago.

So she wasn't sure what he really looked like in reality.

This was the first time that she was able to look at Austin's true face.

"Yes, I am," replied Austin.

A friendly smile appeared on his face.

When they were in the Wild Herb Valley, he already considered Stacy as a friend.

He didn't see any reason to deny who he was. "You..."

Stacy stared blankly at Austin with mixed emotions. She didn't know what else to say.

The crowd watched Austin and Stacy curiously.

'What's the connection between Miss Ren and Austin?'

helped me out. Now, it's my time to pay you back. I will escort you out of here even if it will cost my life!"

Then a figure rushed out of the crowd and came to Austin.

It was Bray.

Austin saved Bray from the disciples of Arcane Holy Land when they were in the Spiritual Tower. After that, Austin went to the fifth floor while he stayed on the fourth floor.

Now that Bray suddenly came to save him, Austin felt very grateful.

'I didn't know that this guy can also be useful in critical situations like this, ' remarked Austin inwardly.

He rested his eyes on Bray.

Then he noticed that Bray was full of wounds and looked so weak. Austin furrowed his eyebrows. Apparently, Bray sustained severe injuries.

'He might have gotten these injuries from the trial, ' he surmised.

This time, around two hundred people including Stacy, Belle, and Bray surrounded Austin.

All disciples of the seven sects were shocked, their mouths agape.

"What are you doing, Miss Ren? You know that Austin is an enemy of all the cultivators in the East Mainland. Why are you trying to protect him?" huffed Stephen.

"Are you not afraid to face the public rage?"

Stephen's eyes narrowed as he looked at Stacy.

His face turned red in anger.

It was difficult for him to accept that the woman he admired would save his enemy.

"He is right, Miss Ren. Please think of it very well," advised another cultivator to Stacy.

"Don't get yourself into trouble."

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