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   Chapter 1691 Don't Think You Can Trap Me

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10583

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A dozen young cultivators surrounded Austin. They all encircled him, trying to size him up.

"Hey, brat, how come that you were just transported out of the tower? We were all forced to leave the tower half a day ago.

Something is going on here.

Tell us, what happened to you in the Spiritual Tower?" one of the young cultivators shouted at Austin.

Many of the young cultivators were at the Divine Bridge Realm. Since they noticed that Austin was just at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, they did not bother to show him any respect. They all seemed to glare at him with disgust.

"That's none of your business.

Get lost!" Austin snapped testily. He couldn't help but shout back at the young cultivator.

The way they had just treated him made him furious. The lack of respect from the way they talked to him and approached him enraged him.


How dare you low life talk to me like this? You must be asking for your death."

The man who questioned Austin went ballistic with his reply. He had reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm but this brat was talking to him without any hint of respect.

"Damn it! Looks like you will not answer our questions obediently unless I teach you a lesson," he threatened Austin with an evil sneer.

As soon as he finished his last words, he dashed towards Austin with so much ferocity. While advancing towards Austin, the cultivator gathered vital energy on his palm in an attempt to slap him across the face.

Standing there unmoving, Austin looked so calm as he watched his opponent's every move. His opponent did not have any idea, but he was communicating with the demonic sky vine.

In a flash, one of the plant's roots came out from his foot secretly and slithered into the ground silently.

During the split second that the vine moved stealthily, a crack appeared in the ground near the young cultivator who was going to hit Austin. The crack caught the man off-guard.

It all happened so fast! One second, a hole on the ground just appeared out of nowhere just as he was approaching Austin. The next thing he knew, a root as thick as an adult's fist grew out from the crack and lashed violently at him.

The force of the hit was so strong that the young man was blown into the air in an instant.

He fell on the ground several hundred meters away from where he had been with a loud thud. Clouds of dust surrounded him as he landed on the ground forcefully. Gone was his sneer from a few moments ago when his face turned deathly pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, the root went back to the rift on the ground as it disappeared in an instant as if nothing happened.

"What the hell was that?"

The young cultivators who stood there to watch the fight were all thunderstruck. They stared at the crack for a short while before they shifted their gaze to Austin.

'This brat must have released that root, ' they all speculated while studying Austin. The confused and surprised expressions on their faces made them look like their eyes were going to pop out.

"Wait a minute, this brat looks familiar,"

one of the young cultivators said as he

wards him.

"You murdered so many members of our Ji Clan. It's time for you to pay for that," he said in a cold tone as he threw sharp looks at Austin.

He was the Holy Heritor of the Ji Clan—Max. The furious aura radiated off of him like waves rolling in the air.

In another direction, a young man dressed in fine blue clothes also approached Austin with dozens of people tailing behind him.

"Austin, you took the lives of our Rudimentary Holy Land disciples. Blood for blood! You are dead meat," the youth in blue declared coldly. He threw Austin a murderous look as he bared his teeth in pure loathing.

A vast blue sea laid behind him and stretched towards the horizon. All kinds of sea beasts jumped out of the water continuously.

That angry young man was the Holy Son of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Following the two Holy Sons, the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land, the Vasteras Holy Land, the Shen Clan, the Kirin Sect, and the Blue Sect also made their way to Austin and surrounded him.

Many of their fellow disciples from these seven sects had died at the hands of Austin in the Spiritual Tower. They could not forgive what Austin had done to them.

A few hundred people from the seven sects gathered there. They glared at Austin with ferocious looks in their eyes. Each of them was truly determined to take his life. It was like killing Austin was their most awaited prize.

However, even though Austin was outnumbered, he remained calm and composed. With his hands behind his back, he even drew a defiant smile.

"Austin, drop the act. We know that you are scared. Do you think you can get away from all of us?" one disciple from one of the seven sects shouted.

The way Austin acted so smugly enraged him. Despite their number, the brat still managed to throw them a mocking smile.

'He is completely surrounded. And the Holy Sons are here. However, he still pretends to be composed, ' the disciple thought.

"You are just a bunch of weaklings. Don't even think that you can trap me here,"

Austin let out a scornful laugh as he responded with a dismissive sneer.

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