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   Chapter 1690 Refine A New Spiritual Pot

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"Don't be so formal to me, Mr. Lv. You can just call me Austin," Austin said to Brady.

Brady was at least a few hundred thousand years old. Besides that, his real strength was unfathomable.

Because of that, Austin had so much respect for him even though he had become Brady's master.

"As you said so, master," Brady agreed with a nod.

He was satisfied with the way Austin had treated him.

He still called him master because he got used to that. In the past, he had always addressed Kevin as master.

"Now, I'm going to tell you some things about the Slave Tower.

This tower has nine different independent spaces. Each of them is a prison for different slaves.

The slaves were comprised of thirty thousand sand men, thirty thousand diabolic beasts, five thousand dead soldiers, ten thousand demonic plants and five thousand puppets.

Their power could be equal to that of the cultivators whose cultivation base ranges from the Emperor Realm to the Divine Bridge Realm.

Since you are the one who refined this tower, you are now their rightful master,"

Brady explained.

"What? All of them?"

Brady's words left Austin thrilled. He was now the master of all of the slaves!

'That means that I have eighty thousand slaves.

And many of them are as strong as Divine Bridge Realm cultivators, ' Austin thought as his heart hammered in his chest.

If Brady had not been around, he would jump in excitement.

"Master, there is one important thing that you need to know. If these slaves get killed in the tower, they could come back to life.

However, if they die outside the tower, there is no way to resurrect them,"

Brady added.

"I see,"

Austin responded as he nodded his head.

'This tower has a history that goes back a few hundred thousand years in the East Mainland. Young cultivators go inside it to train themselves every one hundred years.

Because these slaves can be brought back to life, there are still so many of them here.

If there was no way to resurrect them, they would have already been killed by cultivators who enter the tower and perished forever, ' Austin speculated.


l sense with the omnipotent gas in the Omnipotent Pot.

After ten hours of hard work, he finally built a new Spiritual Pot.

The new Spiritual Pot was half a meter tall, which was dozens of times larger than the old one.

"It's time to handle some unfinished business,"

Austin murmured as he finished and got up.

He immediately transported himself out of the Slave Tower. In a flash, he was on the square outside the tower.

Studying the Slave Tower from where he stood, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

'This tower had been here for a few hundred thousand years.

And I somehow became its master, ' he thought.

There were still many young cultivators who gathered on the square. They refused to leave even after the trial was over.

Austin's sudden appearance drew their attention.

"What's going on with him?" one of them exclaimed as he rested his eyes on Austin.

The trial in the Spiritual Tower was supposed to last ten days, but it somehow ended early with plenty of time to spare. Those who remained wanted to figure out what really happened that caused this sudden closing of the tower.

That was why they were surprised at the sight of Austin.

"We were forced to leave the tower almost half a day ago. How come that this brat was just transported out of there?

Let's go ask him what is going on with him."

A dozen of curious young cultivators immediately walked up towards Austin.

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