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   Chapter 1689 Master Of The Slave Tower

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Austin was shaken by the words of the elder in grey. 'Looks like I met another old monster who has lived a few hundred thousand years.

This old man is obviously Brady's master.

There's no doubt he's much more powerful than Brady.

I wonder how terrifyingly strong he could be, ' Austin brooded as he stared at the old man.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, sir," Austin greeted.

The tone of his voice was humbled by his respect for the elder.

"Since you were able to make it here, it only means that you're an exceptional genius. You have the potential to become a Protector," the elder in grey said in a mild manner as he analyzed Austin.

A glimmer of admiration could be seen in the elder's eyes.

"A Protector?" Austin repeated with a puzzled expression written on his face.

He had never heard about this before.

"Yes, a Protector. With your talent and strength, perhaps you can become a Protector.

Although you still need to cultivate hard. You need to become even stronger than your current state.

Now you're still a candidate. You're not a Protector yet,"

the elder replied.

"What is a Protector, sir?

And... May I please know your name?" Austin asked, unaware that he had blurted out one too many questions in a row.

He had absolutely no idea what the elder what was talking about.

"You don't need to know anything else. All you need to know is that you are a candidate in becoming a Protector.

You will know everything once you are strong enough.

As for the name, it's Kevin,"

the elder replied.

"Kevin? Wait a minute! I've heard about this! Are you THE Kevin?!"

Austin was so shocked that he almost jumped to his feet.

He had heard about Kevin twice in the Prime Martial World.

The first time he heard about this elder was when he broke into the ancient battlefield under the sea of the Middle World Waters b

et some of them during the previous tasks in the tower. They were the targets he needed to put down.

Since Austin had refined the Slave Tower, these living things were his slaves now.

Using his spiritual sense, he could know what was happening on each floor of the tower.

As he unleashed his spiritual sense to check the tower, he saw many cultivators were fighting their targets on the first, second, and third floors.

He saw a few incredibly strong young cultivators exploring the fourth floor.

He didn't see anyone in the fifth until the ninth floor.

Austin felt that he could turn the Slave Tower into a fist-sized object and take it with him if he wanted.

"Damn it! I'm so lucky."

Austin stood up and grinned from ear to ear.

He had gotten more than he had imagined during the adventure in the Slave Tower.

The creatures kept in the tower could form a large army and serve under his command.

After he calmed down, he transported himself to the eighth floor.

He was back in the battle ring.

The moment he made his appearance, Brady turned up too.

"Master," Brady greeted as he bowed to Austin.

Being the guardian spirit of the tower, he knew that Austin had refined the Slave Tower and become its master.

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