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   Chapter 1688 Moving On To The Ninth Floor Of The Spiritual Tower

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It took Austin about an hour to successfully refine the three puppets which were made of golden crystal.

After refining them, he got to know more about the puppets.

Each of the three puppets had the power equal to a cultivator who was at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm.

It delighted him more that even masters who were at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm couldn't destroy them, because they were made of golden crystal, one of the hardest materials in the world.

It meant that Austin didn't need to run away even if his opponents were masters of the Minor-perfection Realm.

"I did manage to have a great harvest in this tower," Austin murmured with a big smile.

He got up and put aside the three puppets.

"Well, now it's time to explore the eighth floor," he said excitedly.

Clearly he was in a good mood.

'If I can pass the test on the eighth floor, the rewards I get will be more valuable than I got on this floor, ' he thought delightfully.

After Austin transported himself out of his City model, he started to look for the teleportation passage which would enable him to get to the eighth floor.

Moments later, he was able to find the teleportation passage.

The instant he stepped in it, a strong teleportation power enveloped him.

In a split second, he felt that his feet were touching the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a battle ring.

'Wait! What is this?

Is my task on this floor to fight my opponent in a battle ring?'

Austin wondered as he studied his surroundings cautiously.

"Young man, you're the first one to be able to reach this floor in the last few hundred thousand years."

As the voice boomed in the air, a middle-aged man came into view out of thin air and stood opposite Austin. He placed his hands behind his back.

Austin observed him discreetly. Devoid of any expressions, the middle-aged man was dressed in white clothes and had a high stature.

Austin couldn't tell if he was a friend or an enemy for he showed no emotions on his face.

Without uttering a word, the man in white sized Austin up with his sharp eyes.

Austin was uncomfortable by the gaze. He felt like the man was prying into his heart.

'This man is incredibly strong.

I can't even see through him and analyze his real cultivation base!' Austin exclaimed. He was rattled.

At the same time, he was in shock. 'I didn't expect to meet any human on this floor.

According to his words,

s power and skills.

"Your vital energy is strong. I bet you can defeat most of the cultivators who are at your level.

Surprisingly, your spiritual sense is far more powerful than your vital energy strength.

I guess you can match a cultivator who is at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm,"

he continued as he analyzed Austin's strength.

"Now, I announce that you've passed the test.

You will be rewarded with one hundred thousand spiritual crystals!"

As he uttered those words, Brady Lv waved his sleeve. One hundred thousand spiritual crystals dropped in front of Austin.

Austin was overjoyed to see them lying before him. He collected all the spiritual crystals immediately.

"I am going to send you off to the ninth floor.

Once you are there, your powers need to be recognized by my master.

If that happens, you will become my new master,"

Brady Lv said.

Austin was taken by surprise. He wondered what was going to be on the ninth floor.

'He even has a master?'

"My master will explain everything to you when you are on the ninth floor,"

Brady Lv said as if he was able to read Austin's mind.

As he waved his hand, a teleportation force enveloped Austin.

The next moment, Austin looked around and found himself in a secret room.

An elder, dressed in grey, was sitting cross-legged in the center of the room.

"Hmm! I've been waiting here for a few hundred thousand years. Now I finally got a visitor," the elder said, as he opened his eyes.

He sounded slightly excited. On the other hand, Austin's curiosity increased manifolds as he was intrigued by the elder and the words of Brady Lv.

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