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   Chapter 1687 The Seventh Floor

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Austin could feel the demonic sky vine integrate with his body.

Slowly, the vine started absorbing the vital energy present inside him. It was draining him gradually.

Since Austin had a massive amount of vital energy in his body, however, he didn't need to worry about running out of his vital energy.

Austin communicated with the demonic sky vine and tried to establish a connection with it. He was quick to build it too.

After that, he got to know more about the demonic sky vine.

"I see! I guess I can use it to fight like this,"

Austin murmured to himself.

Once he was able to take control, dozens of thick roots beneath his feet extended in the ground rapidly.

After a few seconds he tried to assess the power of the vine.

Those thick roots came out of the ground and smashed dozens of trees in the distance into powder.

Austin analyzed the power of each root and found that it was equal to that of a human cultivator who was at the medium stage of Divine Bridge Realm.


Now, I can use the vine to surprise my enemies,"

Austin muttered as a satisfied smile lit his face.

"Well, it's time to go ahead and have a look at the seventh floor!"

He was in high spirits because he had a great harvest on the sixth floor.

'If I move on to the seventh floor, I'm sure I will get more rewards, ' he thought.

He delved deeper into the forest.

After spending some time looking around, he found the teleportation passage which could take him to the seventh floor.

The moment he stepped into the passage, a teleportation force wrapped him.

He'd just blinked his eyes and now when he looked around, he found himself in a huge square.

It was the biggest square he had ever seen. He couldn't see the end of it.

The ground of the square was made of some hard material.

As soon as he was transported to the square, he sensed that the spiritual sense attack, which was seven times more powerful than his, was coming at him.

The overwhelming spiritual sense was slowly becoming visible. It was approaching Austin like ripples in the air.

Sensing the advancing power, the spiritual tree unleashed powerful energy and warded off the spiritual sense attack.

The spiritual tree had grown several times taller than before, and its power also had improved greatly.

It was a piece of cake for it to handle the spiritual sense which was darting at Austin menacingly.

'If I didn't have the spiritual tree, I would not have been able to reach this floor. After all, the spiritual sense attack is too p

come up again so soon, but luckily he had kept his mind on high alert, just in case something popped up.

They charged at Austin at an amazing speed.

Some of the puppets were even at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

Austin fought bravely and rid himself of them. In the next two hours, he kept fighting like this, without having any rest. Exhausted, he sent himself into his City model.

After resting for an hour, he got out of the City model and continued fighting the puppets in the square.

He transported himself into the City model every four hours as he needed to get some rest. Then he'd come out to continue his task.

A day passed off in this manner.

Austin waved his sword and cut off a puppet's head. It was at the medium stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

He took a deep breath as he looked around. "I finally took out five hundred puppets!"

he said feeling a sense of relief.

The next minute, brought in just what he had wanted.

Three figures appeared in front of him.

They were puppets too but these emitted golden lights, and Austin didn't feel threatened by them.

"These are puppets made of golden crystal!"

Austin gushed as his eyes lit up in excitement.

A piece of information reached into his Soul Sea. As he read it, he became aware that it described how to refine those three puppets.

Austin quickly transported himself and the three puppets into his City model.

They landed on a street which was empty.

Austin started to refine the puppets according to the instructions given to him. He had finally got rid of five hundred puppets, and earned himself three puppets of golden crystal and a fairly huge amount of spiritual crystals

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