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   Chapter 1686 The Demonic Sky Vine

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The power released by each root was equal to that of a human cultivator who was at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

It meant that this demonic tree was as strong as a Bitter Sea Realm cultivator of the medium stage.

Austin maximized the use of his bodily movement skill to dodge the attacks coming from the roots. He made a spin and suddenly he was holding a magnificent sword. He used this sword to cut off those roots.

But soon Austin knew something was wrong. It seemed like the tree was capable of regenerating new roots.

The moment he had severed a root, a new one would emerge. The more he killed the more roots would sprout from the ground. And they were getting more vicious by the minute.

'Bloody hell! How come these roots kept multiplying, and they don't seem to get tired? This is endless. I can't finish them this way!

Perhaps the roots will stop attacking me once I destroy this demonic tree, '

Austin thought.

With this, he took a step backward and suddenly became invisible.

The roots stopped and remained suspended in mid-air, unable to see their target.

Austin walked towards the demonic tree silently. He was careful not to make any sounds. Since he was invisible and had hidden his aura, the tree could not detect him.

As he reached the tree, he raised his sword and swung it towards the trunk.

The human face on the trunk was suddenly filled with terror.

Then something more astonishing happened before his eyes. The giant roots scampered back to the ground, and the demonic tree started to run like a terrified dog.

'The demonic tree is amazing. It can pull itself out from the ground and take off if it needs to, '

Austin remarked, staring blankly at the running tree.

However the demonic tree could not outrun him after he activated his bodily movement skill.

In a flash, he caught up with the tree and stabbed the trunk with the Infernal Sword.


The demonic tree exploded and broke into pieces.

Five spiritual crystals dropped in front of Austin.

Austin collected the crystals and kept moving.

Suddenly, the wind carried a special scent that lingered through Austin's nose.

Austin felt everything around him was spinning.

Before long, he found that he was in a different place.

He was lying on a wooden bed inside a small, worn-out cottage.

"Tin! You're awake! Finally!"

An over-weight teenager stood beside his bed and almost fell-over Austin in excitement. He stared at Austin with a bright smile splashed across his face.

"Evan? Is that you?"

Austin became more confused after he recognized the young man in front of him.

'What the hell? Did I just travel back in time? Why am I in my old quarters at the Sun Sect with

ill go to the South Mountain to get you back, '

Austin thought to himself.

He became more confident after making big progress in his spiritual sense cultivation.

The South Marine Saint who kidnapped Austin's two fiancees was at the Minor-perfection Realm.

Austin's spiritual sense was now stronger than that of most Minor-perfection Realm cultivators.

He was now strong enough to challenge South Marine Saint. With his current strength, South Marine Saint could not kill him, even if he couldn't defeat her in a battle.

'I need to put down more demonic plants so I can get that demonic sky vine, '

Austin planned.

He then transported himself out of the City model and continued to fight the demonic plants in the forest.

Since his spiritual sense had improved a lot, he was more sensitive to his surroundings. He could react and moved faster.

Austin had fought several battles during the last few days, and these helped him gain more powers and advanced his skills. His practical battle force had enhanced and become more unyielding.

By the middle of the day, Austin had wiped out another five hundred demonic plants and got twenty thousand spiritual crystals.

Out of the blue, a piece of information appeared in his Soul Sea.

"Congratulations! You have destroyed a thousand demonic plants.

You will be rewarded with a demonic sky vine.

Just remember: after the demonic sky vine merges with a cultivator's body, it will feed on the energy inside him; it will grow as the cultivator becomes stronger."

After Austin went through the information, a purple demonic sky vine with dozens of immense vines showed up before his eyes.

"So this is the demonic sky vine?"

Austin exclaimed in delight.

Before he could have a closer look at it, it flew inside him and merged with him.

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