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   Chapter 1685 The Demonic Plants

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After an intense battle, Austin wiped out all the soldiers and their indigo demonic wolves. They were the real demonic beasts.

Blood and broken limbs of the wolves scattered everywhere. Austin had annihilated a thousand of them in total.

Although he was incredibly powerful, he still looked worn out.

After all, he was only human. It was normal for him to get exhausted after using a lot of energy.

However, it was all worth it because his hard work paid off. He was rewarded with over a thousand of spiritual crystals.

Because of his accomplishment, Austin decided to take some rest. He needed to regain the energy he used up earlier. However, when he was about to rest, he heard a loud voice from afar.

"Attack!" shouted someone.

Austin saw a group of soldiers. There were about five hundred of them.

The number of these soldiers was smaller compared the one he had just annihilated but these armored soldiers were at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm. Their demonic wolves were at the Emperor Realm.

They dashed towards Austin with a ferocious expression on their faces.

'Seriously? These are as powerful as masters of the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, ' thought Austin.

Of course, he was frightened. However, Austin was the type of person who would never give up easily.

Immediately, he pulled himself together and prepared for another fight.

"Alright! I will play with them and enjoy the game. Anyway, this is also a good chance for me to improve my capabilities and battle tactics," said Austin with a determined expression.

The look in his eyes showed that his fighting spirit had already soared.

'I will be fighting with so many masters of the Bitter Sea Realm at the same time. This is a good chance for me. If I can win against them, I will surely benefit a lot from it, ' he brooded.

He mustered up some courage and started charging at the soldiers.

He never hesitated even a bit. Thanks to his strong willpower and great powers, he slaughtered all his enemies after a short while.

As he continued his journey, he met hordes of soldiers and experienced tough battles. He even ran into a group which was comprised of a hundred Divine Bridge Realm soldiers.

During several battles, Austin had gotten hit multiple times. As a result, his body had more than ten holes and blood was pouring out from them.

Luckily he had a strong body. Besides, he still had some Magic Sea Water which he had acquired from the Prime Martial World.

This had sustained him over several fights.

He soon recover

you're considered a remarkable genius.

On this floor, your targets are the demonic plants. These are demonic trees, demonic vines, demonic grasses and demonic flowers.

Once you defeat them, you will not only be rewarded with spiritual crystals but you will also receive a sapling of a demonic sky vine.

If you can put down a thousand of demonic plants, you will get the most valuable sapling of the demonic sky vine.

The demonic sky vine is a powerful old demonic plant. It is capable of integrating with a cultivator's body and growing with him.

When you are in a fight, it will be of great help to you."

Austin was surprised after reading all the information.

'I didn't expect that my targets on the sixth floor will be the demonic plants, ' he thought.

"Well, I need to check the powers of these demonic plants first," murmured Austin.

After unleashing his spiritual sense, he proceeded with great caution. He needed to perceive all the plants around him. That included the trees, the vines, the flowers, and even the grasses.

Out of the blue, a strong wind blew.

The branches of the trees swayed and fallen leaves flew into the sky.

Suddenly, a huge tree began shaking. Then a human face appeared on its trunk. Although it wasn't that clear, Austin knew that it was a human face.

The trunk of the tree was so big that it would take at least four or five people to completely hug it. The roots were as big as the human's feet.

The roots moved and darted towards Austin.

"This is a demonic tree!" exclaimed Austin alertly.

He immediately activated the bodily movement skill that he had come up with to dodge the roots.

Then he pulled out his Infernal Sword.

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