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   Chapter 1684 The Fifth Floor

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After collecting over three thousand spiritual crystals, Austin decided to use some of them to enhance his spiritual sense first.

He immediately transported himself into his City model. He sat down cross-legged on the street as he released the spiritual tree to refine the spiritual crystals.

Fifteen minutes later, he had managed to refine about two thousand spiritual crystals.

Along with this, his spiritual sense nearly doubled.

Austin estimated that his spiritual sense was now far stronger than most of the Divine Bridge Realm masters.

He guessed that his spiritual sense could already match that of a Minor-perfection Realm master's.

On the Divine Continent, the Minor-perfection Realm was a level higher than the Divine Bridge Realm.

If one was at the Minor-perfection Realm, he could already be on par with a steward in those top sects.

As he finished refining the spiritual crystals, he stood up and went to another street in the model.

He spotted Bray there sitting cross-legged as he was using his vital energy to heal his wounds.

Austin walked up to where Bray sat.

As soon as Bray sensed that he had gotten a visitor, he stopped working on his wounds and opened his eyes.

"Thank you for helping me, Austin. If it weren't for you, I would have died at the hands of those people from the Arcane Holy Land,"

Bray said as he got up slowly.

"There is no need to thank me. I just did what should be done. It was the right thing to do. How are you feeling now?"

Austin inquired as he scanned Bray's body.

"I'm fine. Don't worry," Bray replied and assured him.

'He looks good. It looks like he had already recovered, ' Austin thought as he observed the young man.

"We are on the fourth floor of the Spiritual Tower. I'm on my way to the fifth floor.

Do you have plans? If you are okay with that, would you like to join me?"

Austin invited.

"What? You planned to get to the fifth floor?" Bray exclaimed, as he looked at Austin with his mouth agape.

He was taken aback by Austin's plan.

"To be honest with you, I know myself pretty well. With regard to my strength, I know that I can protect myself on the third floor.

If I got to the fourth floor, my life would be in danger.

I would never dare to go to the fifth floor.

I can't even survive the spiritual sense attack from there.

So I'm just going to try my luck on the fourth floor.

If I get into trouble, I will quickly return to the third floor,"

Bray explained.

"All right. But, take these. I got some spiritual crystals for you.

These crystals will help you improve your spiritual sense a lot," Austin said.

He took

iew. Each soldier was dressed in a black armor and rode an indigo demonic wolf. The wolves they rode were a dozen meters tall.

They all had reached the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm. Even those demonic wolves they rode were at the Emperor Realm.

The team was comprised of more than a thousand soldiers.

A thousand cultivators who were at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm were now charging at Austin.

"Oh, shit. You've got to be kidding me,"

Austin said, startled at the situation.

After a short while, he regained his composure.

He took out the Invincible Bow and took a step back to distance himself from the soldiers.

While he was retreating, he shot arrows one after another. Each purple arrow hit a soldier with much precision.

Each time a soldier was killed by the purple arrow, a spiritual crystal would drop in front of Austin. It was a great delight to him.

Fifteen minutes later, he had slain more than six hundred soldiers using his Invincible Bow.

The rest of the soldiers who managed to duck and dodge the arrows were gaining on Austin.


Each soldier waved their weapons at Austin in high spirits. Their grave expressions showed that they would do whatever it took to destroy their enemy.

Austin withdrew the Invincible Bow and pulled out his Infernal Sword.

He reached the soldiers in a heartbeat as he activated the bodily movement skill that he had recently come up with. At a shockingly fast speed, he moved silently towards his enemies and slashed his sword at them.

To his shock, those soldiers who died at his hands turned into a swirl of black smoke and dissipated.

There was nothing left on the ground but their black armors.

Austin found out that those soldiers were not human.

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