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   Chapter 1683 The Trial On The Fourth Floor

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After Austin transferred himself in his City model, he appeared on a street in it. He sat down and started his spiritual sense cultivation without a moment's delay.

With a swish of his hand, over five hundred spiritual crystals appeared and floated in front of him just like that.

"I really hope that these spiritual crystals will not let me down,"

Austin murmured, looking forward to seeing the crystals work their magic in the mysterious ways.

He then released the spiritual tree from his Soul Sea.

The tree was about two meters tall, and it looked lush and lively.

The spiritual tree shook ever so slightly, as if trying to show its delight at seeing so many spiritual crystals.

Its roots flew forward and tied up the spiritual crystals immediately securely.

After that, the spiritual tree began refining those spiritual crystals one by one.

As the tree was drawing spiritual energy from the crystals, an increasing amount of spiritual sense appeared in Austin's Soul Sea.

His spiritual sense became stronger and stronger as time went on.

Side by side, the spiritual tree grew taller and thicker.

The lake of the spiritual sense in Austin's Soul Sea was expanding by leaps and bounds.

About fifteen minutes later, the spiritual tree refined all the spiritual crystals right in front of Austin's eyes.

Austin found that the power of his spiritual sense had already doubled, and the spiritual tree was over three meters tall now.

"Spiritual crystals are really and truly good for improving cultivators' spiritual sense,"

Austin said with a widest smile of satisfaction on his face.

"It was a wise decision to explore this Spiritual Tower.

I must hurry up and collect as many spiritual crystals as I can. This way, my spiritual sense will be greatly enhanced."

He was quite happy with the effects of the spiritual crystals.

Excited to possess more spiritual crystals, he transported himself out of the City model. He keenly hunted down the sea beasts to acquire the spiritual crystals.

Four hours later, he was rewarded with another whopping one hundred spiritual crystals.

He didn't feel very happy about his harvest. He wanted to get more spiritual crystals in a lesser time. He was losing his patience.

'Now I'm on the third floor of the Spiritual Tower. If I get to the fourth floor, perhaps I will get more spiritual crystals, '

Austin guessed.

Cultivators would receive the spiritual sense attacks which were four times more powerful than their own spiritual sense. Most cultivators would fail miserably at the face of such blows.

Only the outstanding young cultivators who were brave enough dared to explore the fourth floor.

But since Austin had the spiritual tree, the spiritual sense attack on the fourth floor couldn't affect him as others. He was already immune.

'Well, I

after I killed those creatures,"

Austin concluded.

While he was immersed in happiness that the rewards ushered on him, loud explosions brought him back to reality.

Instinctively he lowered his head and saw deep cracks appearing on the ground right beneath his feet.

Living things crept and slithered of these cracks.

To his horror he found out that they were pythons.

Each was covered in big, green, ugly scales. Austin could tell by the demonic aura released by them that they were as strong as cultivators who were at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

Five green snakes hit the ground before they jumped into the mid-air like maniacs.

They launched a deadly attack on Austin at the same time.

So Austin was under the attacks from five creatures which were at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

Austin took a step backwards and vanished in an instant before another attack was launched.

Then he suddenly popped out above a python's head.

He swung his white sword at it at full strength.

But much to his surprise, the python sensed his move even before the sword touched it.

It stuck out its tongue to attack him.

Being exposed, Austin had to move fast so as to dodge the attack.

After about fifteen minutes, Austin finally hunted down the five pythons.

As a reward, he got over fifty spiritual crystals.

Without taking a break, he kept moving towards his prey.

The fourth floor was a beautiful grassland.

Austin ran into lots of diabolic beasts such as bees, butterflies, snakes, crocodiles and wolves once he reached the fourth floor.

Most of them were as strong as Divine Bridge Realm cultivators.

The fourth floor was a more dangerous place compared to the third floor.

Despite that, Austin had a great harvest.

Half a day had passed.

He had acquired over three thousand spiritual crystals. This was huge.

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