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   Chapter 1682 Austin's Enemies And Friends

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After he turned invisible, Austin secretly left the place.

Stephen and Polly had reached the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm, and, of course, their powers were now terrifying.

Strong as he was, Austin still didn't think that he could defeat them.

For that reason, he chose not to engage in a fight against the two.

'My top priority is to acquire as many spiritual crystals as I can, '

Austin decided.

With the help of the spiritual tree, he went directly to where the sea beasts that carried spiritual crystals were, and immediately after taking them out, he would be rewarded with spiritual crystals.

Thanks to the spiritual tree, Austin was able to save much time and energy in hunting down the sea beasts. All he needed to do was to go wherever the tree directed him and slaughter his targets.

Meanwhile, as Austin was occupied with putting down countless sea beasts and collecting spiritual crystals, a dozen of people on the second floor were able to secretly go to the third floor through the teleportation passage.

All of them were disciples from the seven sects who managed to run away from Austin.

Back when Austin was still on the second floor, he slaughtered plenty of disciples from the seven sects using the Invincible Bow. These people were the ones who were lucky enough to survive that massacre.

And once they had successfully made their escape, they hastily looked for places to hide themselves from Austin.

Finally, an entire day later, they were able to sneak onto the third floor after making sure that Austin was no longer on the second floor.

Naturally, the elites of those sects made their way directly to the third floor of the Spiritual Tower.

This was because there were no spiritual crystals on the first or second floor, and if cultivators wanted to get their hands on those spiritual crystals, they had to reach the third floor or higher.

After all, the spiritual crystals were the most valuable items in the Spiritual Tower.

As soon as the survivors of the seven sects reached the third floor, they began looking for their comrades through their spiritual sense jade slips.

With that, the carnage that had taken place on the second floor quickly spread to the third floor.

And now, a group of people were gathered above the sea on the third floor.

Suddenly, a man wrapped in golden light threw his head back and roared, "God damn you, Austin.

How dare you murder so many disciples of our Vasteras Holy Land, you son of a bitch?

I'm going to split you open."

As he spoke, tremendous vital energy gushed out from his body, creating destructive waves below him.

He was none o

in a domineering manner as he suddenly became engulfed by a golden light.

At this point, Austin was still focused on slaying the sea beasts that carried spiritual crystals.

After a day's hard work, he was able to get over one thousand spiritual crystals.

"You're really lucky. Just look at your harvest today.

Even the elites from the top sect may not be able to get as many spiritual crystals as you did."

All of a sudden, the Flame Emperor's voice rang out in Austin's Soul Sea.

Since the Flame Emperor got that Soul-nourishing Bead, he had spent most of his time sleeping inside it. According to him, that Soul-nourishing Bead could nourish his spiritual soul and even make his soul stronger than before.

"Boy, the spiritual crystals contain a great amount of spiritual sense energy. When you absorb the energy inside them, your spiritual sense will be much stronger.

Keep some spiritual crystals for me, though. They will also be good for my spiritual soul,"

the Flame Emperor went on.

"Master, I think the spiritual crystal will do me good. Don't forget to leave me some.

We nine-tailed demon foxes specialize in illusions, and if we want to become better at illusions, we need to have powerful beast soul energy."

Violet's voice resounded in Austin's Soul Sea as well.

'Looks like spiritual crystals are good things since both the Flame Emperor and Violet want them.

I also need to give Valerie some spiritual crystals.

Apparently, I will have to share these spiritual crystals with so many people.'

Austin sighed.

'All right. I'm going to refine some spiritual crystals to see if it is really that good as they say, '

he thought to himself.

With that thought, he immediately transported himself into his City model.

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