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   Chapter 1681 You Haven't Felt My Vengeance

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Austin knew that only a few people would be willing to be friends with him mainly because he had made so many sects in the East Land his enemies. Bray, however, asked him if they could be friends in front of many people.

He was kind of growing on him.

'Although he always brags about marrying those Holy Daughters, he is not a bad guy at all, ' Austin thought to himself, a little smile creeping on his lips. 'At the very least, he doesn't try to steal my treasures like all people here do.'

He then flashed Bray a friendly smile.

"Hmm. Austin, you really had the nerve to come to us," Stephen said, his tone cold and his eyes raging with hate. "Today, we will not let you run away."

His excitement was obvious.

'Austin got the Purple Immortal's most valuable treasures. If I can kill him, they will be mine!' he silently thought, thrill already pumping in his veins.

"Really? Do you think you can put me down?" Austin replied, defiance evident in his voice.

A mocking smirk was gracing his lips.

Since he had practiced the martial skills in the Infernal Scripture and created a new bodily movement skill based on the Invisibility Skill, Dragon Lightness, and Space Teleportation, no one could stop him unless they had remarkable martial arts skills.

Austin didn't think they could hurt him, even one bit. That was why he acted in such a calm and cocky manner.

'Bray was hurt badly. He needs to heal himself, ' Austin thought.

So through his spiritual sense, Austin told Bray that he was going to send him into his spatial magic treasure.

Bray nodded in agreement.

Austin transported Bray into his City model immediately.

"What's going on?!" Stephen shouted, as he witnessed Bray just vanish into thin air.

The disciples from the Arcane Holy Land were as confused as he was. They didn't understand what just happened.

Soon enough, they realized that Bray must have hidden in some spatial magic treasure.

"Austin, you murdered the disciples of our Arcane Holy Land! I'm going to make you pay for it with your life!"

Stephen declared, shouting, as he moved towards Austin at a shocking speed.

Upon seeing that, Polly wasted no time and charged at Austin too.

Stephen was the Holy Son of the Arcane Holy Land, while Polly was the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land. Even if Austin was a being more powerful than most, their rapid bodily movement skills caught him by surprise.

Austin took one step back as he narrowed his e

about that?

Do you think I am incapable of doing that?"

Austin said with a snort, looking calm and composed.

All the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land, including Stephen, became beset with silence.

All of them knew that Austin was strong enough to take out their comrades on the second floor.

'Austin can inflict numerous injuries to the cultivators who are at the Divine Bridge Realm using his bow.

There is no way that cultivators of the Bitter Sea Realm can withstand his attacks, ' Stephen and his companions mused.

Slowly, Stephen, Polly and the other disciples from the Arcane Holy Land started to believe Austin.

"You murdered the disciples of our Arcane Holy Land! Have you ever thought about whether you could withstand the wrath of our holy land?!

From this moment on, our people will not stop coming after you! Your death will be our mission!" Stephen announced through gritted teeth.

He glowered at Austin with infinite spite.

Austin cackled wildly.

"Well, then. If I hadn't laid a hand on the disciples of your holy land, would you let me go?" he asked mockingly.

"Three years ago, your sect participated in destroying our base. More than seven hundred disciples of our sect died because of that battle.

So, blood for blood. Be ready to pay for the price with your puny lives," he continued, his eyes almost black with malicious intent.

"This is just me warming up.

This is not yet my revenge. You still haven't felt my vengeance,"

Austin declared in a booming voice.

As he moved his body, he become invisible.

"You son of a bitch!"

Stephen cursed, as his face distorted in anger.

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