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   Chapter 1679 Collecting Spiritual Crystals (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-24 00:27

Austin's sword hit all the sea beasts at once.

'I was able to take out a lot of indigo demonic fishes. Perhaps, I will be rewarded with many spiritual crystals, '

thought Austin.

Thinking about spiritual crystals made him feel excited as well. He had never seen spiritual crystals before. He was so delighted that he was finally able to see this legendary crystal for real.

After the indigo demonic fishes shattered, an azure crystal came out from one of them.

He waved his hand and the azure crystal flew towards him.

It was as big as a child's fist. Austin studied it carefully.

"This is the spiritual crystal. My master told me about it," gushed Valerie.

She also examined the crystal in Austin's hand.

"I was only rewarded with one spiritual crystal for killing dozens of indigo demonic fishes?" murmured Austin.

He looked a bit disappointed.

'It looks like that spiritual crystals are hidden inside sea beasts. But from the dozens that I've killed, I only got one, ' thought Austin inwardly.

'It only means that not all sea beasts possess spiritual crystals. So, even if I slay all of them, there is no guarantee that I will get many spiritual crystals.'

Austin couldn't help but heave a sigh.

'Looks like I can only wish myself good luck. I will need to slaughter a lot of sea beasts. If I could get lucky, I might be able to get lots of spiritual crystals, ' he analyzed.

Austin didn't want to lose hope. As long as he could kill sea beasts, he could still get a chance to collect spiritual crystals.

"If one wants to get a lot of spiritual crystals, he needs to have a lot of power and luck," he murmured with a sigh.

He must not give up. Their mission of coming here was to collect spiritual crystals.

"Let's get going," said Austin to Valerie.

Valerie did

ge of Bitter Sea Realm.

Under the guidance of the spiritual tree, Austin rushed towards three whales.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Austin waved his sword three times.

In an instant, the three whales got hit and broke into pieces.

As expected, three spiritual crystals fell in front of Austin.

'This is great. Other cultivators may not be able to get many spiritual crystals even if they kill lots of sea beasts, ' beamed Austin.

'I am lucky to have the spiritual tree. It really helps me a lot to identify the exact sea beasts that have spiritual crystals. I can save a lot of time and I can work more efficiently.'

This thought made Austin feel more motivated to continue.

He felt that the spiritual tree was once again directing him to a certain place.

Taking Valerie by the hand again, Austin rushed to the place that the spiritual tree told him. There, he wiped out all sea beasts that had spiritual crystals.

Half a day later, Austin checked his spiritual crystals.

He was so happy to see that he had gotten a few hundred of them.

"Bray Xiao, you won't be able to get away today."

A threatening voice reached Austin's ears.

It came from one of the isles ahead of him.

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