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   Chapter 1678 Collecting Spiritual Crystals (Part One)

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Upon seeing that Valerie looked unwell, Austin released his spiritual sense to envelop her and protect her from the spiritual sense attack.

To his delight, Valerie looked better just a few seconds later.

"The spiritual sense attack from the third floor is way too powerful. Luckily you agreed to team up with me. Otherwise, I might have died," said Valerie when she regained her strength.

She patted her chest and heaved a deep sigh as a sign of relief.

But since Valerie was gifted with ample bosom, her chest rose and fell as she breathed deeply several times.

Austin unintentionally gazed at her in that way and his eyes automatically locked to her breasts.

Human as he was, Austin felt a sudden arousal upon staring at Valerie's plump breasts.

Valerie noticed it and she immediately frowned. "What are you doing?" she scolded.

Her eyebrows creased when she caught Austin staring at her breasts obsessively.

"Ahem! Ahem!" Austin pretended to clear his throat. "Let's go look for spiritual crystals now."

He immediately changed the topic so as to break the embarrassing atmosphere.

'According to Valerie, I can only acquire the spiritual crystal on the third floor or above, ' he thought.

Afterwards, Austin turned to look at the vast sea in front of him. 'I guess that's where I am going to take the tests, ' he thought.

Meanwhile, Valerie was also staring at Austin. His embarrassed look earlier was still fresh in her memory.

'The nerve of this guy. He peeped at me and yet he couldn't admit it. Such a coward!' she snorted inwardly.

Actually, Valerie didn't feel uncomfortable when she caught Austin staring at her breasts.

In fact, she somehow felt delighted deep inside.

Having Austin as her company for a day made her feel something for him already.

"Let's get goi

ikely to lose their lives.

That was the reason why many cultivators with weak spiritual sense wouldn't dare to go to the third floor. They were contented to look for treasures on the first or second floor.

Dozens of indigo demonic fishes jumped in mid-air and pounced at Austin and Valerie.

The demonic aura that they had released enveloped the whole area above the sea.

They created bigger waves which were around a hundred meters tall.

When Austin noticed that they were already surrounded by the sea beasts, he pulled out his white sword and held Valerie with his other hand. He then displayed the bodily movement skill that he had come up with and employed the sword skill that he learned from the Infernal Scripture. It was his way to end his enemies.

In a flash he was able to find his way out and floated several meters away from their original location.

Valerie never let go of his hand. She knew that only Austin could fight against the sea beasts and she would be safe if she was with him.

The sea beasts froze above the sea.

In the next second, they all exploded simultaneously.

Blood and broken fish body parts rained from the sky.

The sea water immediately turned red.

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