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   Chapter 1677 The Trials On The Third Floor

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Soon, an explosive news spread like wildfire on the second floor of the Spiritual Tower.

It got to everyone that Austin had showed up and slaughtered over thirty disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land. And that was not all. He was challenging all the members in the tower who were part of those forces responsible for destroying the base of the Flame Holy Land.

Moreover, it was also revealed that Austin was the one who had wiped out all the disciples from the three holy lands who had been sent to collect herbs in the Wild Herb Valley, three years ago.

Everyone who heard the news was in indescribable shock. It was not something anyone could easily believe.

All the disciples from those sects and clans which were involved in attacking the base of the Flame Holy Land were angry and delighted at the same time.

They were angered because Austin had the nerve to provoke and instigate so many sects and clans in public.

Despite that, they were also overjoyed. They looked at it as an opportunity to get the priceless treasures that Austin had acquired from the Purple Immortal's tomb, once they took him prisoner.

"Let's go and meet that brat. He will not be able to get away this time!"

"Austin is way too cocky! We can't let him go!"

More and more young cultivators were headed for the place where Austin was waiting.

With his eyes closed, Austin was sitting cross-legged, engrossed in meditation.

Moments later, he opened his eyes and lifted the corners of his mouth into a smirk.

"There they are!" he murmured with a grin.

For Austin, the primary reason to enter the Spiritual Tower was to find and acquire the spiritual crystals.

But since the disciples from other top sects and clans were there too, he had no intention of sparing them for what they had done.

Blood for blood. The people from those major sects and clans had slaughtered his comrades and destroyed the base of the Flame Holy Land. Therefore, he set his mind on making them pay a heavy price.

Austin was never a soft-hearted man. He was a man of principles and would go to any level of brutality if anyone messed up with him.

He preferred to deal with his enemies in a more cruel way than what they did to him.

It didn't take long before he heard people's robes fluttering with loud noises. Using his spiritual sense, he saw that dozens of young men were in the sky as they were approaching him.

Immediately, Austin took out his Invincible Bow. As he drew the bow, a purple arrow got attached to the string and was shot out.

"Who are you?"

Austin used his vital energy force to make his voice deafeningly loud so that even the people far away could hear him clearly.

"We're from the Ji Clan. You've got the courage to challenge us! You will b

kable about Austin. He took out more than three hundred people on his own. This proves that he is awfully good."

A multitude of young cultivators flying mid-air looked down at the corpses while talking about Austin. They couldn't understand how Austin struck down so many people single-handedly.

While the others spoke about him, Austin had already been transported to the third floor.

He found himself standing on an isle which was surrounded by a vast sea.

As he looked into the distance, it seemed like an endless sea covered with the sky.

The azure sea and the clouded sky mingled with one another.

Huge seabirds flapped their wings and skimmed over the surface of the sea from time to time.

Some of them plunged down and scooped up food.

Austin was on a small island without any vegetation or animals.

He observed the sea, and saw the sea water churn violently. The sea was so deep that he couldn't see the bottom of it.

Yet, he felt an overwhelming spiritual sense coming at him from all directions.

He was under spiritual sense attack, which was three times more powerful than his own.

But when the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea shook slightly, the overbearing spiritual sense attack he felt was gone.

With the spiritual tree, Austin could even withstand a spiritual sense attack which was ten times stronger than his spiritual sense, let alone the three times stronger one.

Then he transported Valerie out of his City model.

"Oh! That hurts," Valerie screamed in pain, the moment she steadied herself.

Her face was blanched and turned pale as she rubbed her aching head.

She trembled slightly and it looked like she was about to lose her balance.

It became obvious that Valerie was too weak to handle the spiritual sense attack which was three times stronger than her spiritual sense.

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