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   Chapter 1676 Slaughtering Disciples Of The Vasteras Holy Land

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9436

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"What did you just say? Is that the truth?

Three years ago, all the disciples of our three holy lands who were sent to the Wild Herb Valley died there. Were you really behind that?"

Austin's statement shook up everyone who was present.

That event had become a big sensation in the entire East Mainland back then.

All the disciples sent by the three holy lands got killed in the Wild Herb Valley. It was definitely a matter of concern.

After knowing about the death of their disciples, the leaders of the three holy lands had dispatched a large number of their men to find out who was behind that. However, they hadn't found any clue and finally gave up the investigation.

That had been declared as an unsolved case. The people from the three holy lands couldn't find the real criminals who were responsible for the death of their disciples.

But now Austin was admitting that he had done it. He was claiming the responsibility of that disaster.

Everyone present was in sheer shock as they finally got to know the truth behind that explosive event.

"Austin! Are you saying that you murdered all those disciples? How can it be?"

one of the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land asked, gaping at Austin.

"You heard me!

And I'm warning you that today you'll face the same fate as they did.

I'll kill all the disciples from the sects and clans which were involved in destroying the base of our Flame Holy Land in the tower," Austin replied.

The intent to murder those people was visible in his eyes.

Three years ago, the base of the Flame Holy Land was destroyed. More than seven hundred disciples of the Flame Holy Land were brutally killed. Of course, Austin wanted to avenge their death.

"How dare you?

Let Howard go right now, Austin!"

"Come on, guys. Let's attack together and finish off this arrogant bastard!"

Austin's words enraged the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land. They couldn't suppress their anger anymore. Getting carried away by their emotions, they dashed forward and closed in on Austin.

As they were from the Vasteras Holy Land, they would always be treated in a deferential way wherever they were in the East Mainland. They were never confronted by anyone.

But now Austin threatened to take their lives. They felt insulted and their pride was hurt.

Besides, there were many young cultivators from other sects who were watching them. What Austin did, humiliated them greatly!

"Rest assured guys! I will keep Howard alive for now.

He was the one who recognized me and told that to his superiors. He was one of those whom I hold responsible for destroying our base.

I will take him back and present him to my dead companions as a living sacrifice,"

Austin sneered.

Howard was terrified at his words.

"How dare you, Austin?" Howard s

tacks of these purple arrows.

The masters, who had reached the Divine Bridge Realm, were exploring the third floor of the tower.

Most of the cultivators on the second floor were at the Bitter Sea Realm.

"Austin, we bear you no ill-will. We're just here to watch you fight,"

a faint-hearted cultivator said in a shaky voice, as his legs buckled visibly.

Some cultivators stepped back secretly, looking for a chance to flee.

"Get lost, all of you!

Tell those disciples from the holy lands, prominent clans or top sects who had attacked the base of the Flame Holy Land that I will wait for them here and they can avenge their companions' death if they want," Austin said in a booming voice.

His words echoed in the air.

The cultivators present held their breaths at his statement.

"Oh, god! Austin wants to challenge all the disciples from the top sects in the Spiritual Tower on his own!"

"Although he is powerful, he should think carefully. There are a few hundred disciples from those top sects here. How bold of him to declare war on them?"

"Many Divine Bridge Realm masters from those top sects were sent here.

I admit that Austin is remarkably powerful. But will he really be able to defeat so many strong cultivators alone?"

Some cultivators whispered to one another.

"Go away! If you're still here when I count to three, I will kill you all with my bow."

Austin's indifferent and cold voice resounded again. He was sick of people gossiping around him.


Austin began counting.

The word echoed in deathly silence.

The moment he began the countdown, all the cultivators present there ran as fast as they could.

They leaped into the sky as their clothes fluttered with loud sounds due to the wind.

There were about a hundred cultivators in the sky, and in a flash, all of them disappeared into the distance.

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