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   Chapter 1675 What About You

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"I told you, you were a loser and you would get nowhere in martial arts! I said that four years ago. People like you should not have learned martial arts.

And that's still my opinion of you.

I will prove that I was right about every word I said,"

Howard said coldly as if he was superior to Austin.

"Go to hell!"

With a shake of his arms, the one-hundred-meter tall mountain in front of him started to tremble. It released the violent energy and flew towards Austin.

The energy coming from the mountain created a strong wind that gushed through Austin's clothes. The air vibrated with unearthly sounds around them.

'Who would think Austin, who caused a disturbance in the East Mainland three years ago will die here?'

Many cultivators from other sects thought as they watched the two of them fighting.

Just as the mountain was about to hit Austin, he vanished into thin air.

The mountain hit the ground where Austin stood.


The entire place swayed upon impact forming a cloud of dust in the air. The crush left a giant hole in the ground.

While Howard looked around wondering where Austin went, a white sword positioned itself against his throat.

An unbearable chill crept up his spine and enveloped his entire being.

He froze on the spot.

He stood still, knowing one false move could mean death.

'If I move an inch, Austin's sword will cut through my throat, ' he thought, as sweat formed on his forehead.

Everyone present stood rooted on their spot, afraid that a simple movement would trigger the sword to move.

All this happened unexpectedly.

When Howard used the Huge Mountain Seal, they all thought Austin would breathe his last.

But to their astonishment, Austin was now dangerously pointing his sword at Howard's throat.

It took Austin less than a second to strike back.

Austin had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, and his cultivation base was higher than Howard's.

It was a clever move to use the sword skill that he learned from the Infernal Scripture together with the bodily movement skill that he himself came up with.

Although the Huge Mountain Seal unleashed by Howard was powerful, Austin was quick to use his skills. He displayed a far advanced prowess and techn

m stage of Emperor Realm. Your cultivation base was two realms higher than mine.

But now my vital energy realm is higher than yours.

If I was a loser in martial arts, then what about you?

I am much stronger than you now,"

Austin continued to mock Howard as he looked at him with piercing eyes.

Howard's face turned pale in embarrassment. He wanted to turn his head to avoid Austin's gaze, but he couldn't.

He could say nothing brilliant to defend himself.

'Four years ago, Austin was just a loser to me.

And now he can take my life at a snap of his finger. How ironic?' Howard thought.

"That's enough, Austin. Howard is a disciple of our Vasteras Holy Land. Remove your sword from him right now.

If you lay a hand on him, we will not let you go!"

a disciple from the Vasteras Holy Land shouted at Austin.

Austin laughed, amused at the threat being thrown at him.

"You dare to threaten me?

Can't you see now I have the upper hand? Can't you see his life depends on me? Yet you threatened me to let him go?

You people from the holy lands and prominent clans are foolish barbarians.

What can you do if I decide to take out the people from your sect?

Three years ago, I slaughtered all the disciples from the three holy lands in the Wild Herb Valley. And I am still here.

You know what? I didn't like the tone of your voice! And you just pissed me off! Now, none of you can make it out of here alive!"

Austin declared with a murderous expression on his face.

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