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   Chapter 1674 Challenging Howard Again

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Austin placed the Invincible Bow aside.

Then, he transported Valerie into his City model.

He didn't want her to get involved in this. Valerie was just a disciple from a fifth-class sect. If she offended the people of the Vasteras Holy Land, her sect would be destroyed by the Vasteras Holy Land.

This was between him and the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land.

He removed the human skin mask and showed his true face and made his way to the place where the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land were.

A couple of seconds later, he saw dozens of disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land hunting down the diabolic beasts in a vast forest in front of him.

He saw Howard was there too.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to perceive Howard's strength.

"Hmm. He is at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm now," Austin murmured.

Back then when he challenged Howard to a duel in the Solamnia Kingdom, the latter had just reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

To his surprise, Howard had broken into the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm in just about four years.

He had thought that if Howard knew his real cultivation base, he might freak out and run away from him.

To address this concern, Austin hid his true cultivation base and feigned to be at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

"Howard of the Vasteras Holy Land, get your ass over here.

It's me, Austin!"

Standing in front of the forest, he activated the Roaring Blast.

Sound waves rolled forward towards where the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land were.

They were currently ruining numerous tall trees which were getting in their way.

'Austin Lin!' the people in the forest thought in astonishment.

Dead silence succeeded the sound waves.

They couldn't utter a word as they heard Austin's name and his voice.

Three years ago, Austin was the focus of the entire East Mainland.

All cultivators in the East Mainland searched for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

Moments later, the people of the Vasteras Holy Land finally recovered from the shock.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dozens of figures dashed out of the forest.

They were from the Vasteras Holy Land.

All of them had their eyes fixated on Austin.

"It's you, Austin Lin," Howard said, recognition eminent from his voice.

Austin smiled as the sight of Howard looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Yeah, it's me.

I'm Austin Lin of the Flame Holy Land."

He stressed that he was from the Flame Holy Land.

Howard laughed wildly. "What a surprise. You were lucky to have survived that," he said, remembering what they had done the past. "And you're here, daring to look for us. Looks like you can't wait to get yourself killed,"

Howard continued with a smirk.



Would he die? Would he kill the disciples? No one knew. They were in for a surprise.

The newcomers' responses were understandable. After all, Austin rose to fame overnight three years ago.

His portraits were hanging everywhere in the East Mainland.

Even women and children knew him, tell stories about him.

"I heard that Austin acquired the most precious treasures from Purple Immortal's tomb. If I can catch him, those treasures will be mine."

Aside from awe and admiration, some of them had their eyes on Austin's treasures. They stared at him with greed in their eyes.

Howard's good mood was flushed down the drain as he saw Austin and experienced his cocky attitude. Austin's statements were getting on his nerves already.

"No magic treasures," Howard murmured with distaste. "You'd better not back out."

He couldn't control his anger anymore. As soon as he finished his sentence, he advanced towards Austin.

"You're a dead man!" Howard bellowed.

He stretched out his hands, and an overwhelming vital energy emerged from them. People surrounding them were all amazed at what they were seeing.

In the next second, a mountain which was a hundred meters tall materialized in front of him.

The mountain released the tremendous vital energy force.

"It's Huge Mountain Seal! I never saw him use it before.

Howard mastered this skill before; this is the first time he has done this in public!"

"Huge Mountain Seal is one of the most profound, powerful martial skills in our Vasteras Holy Land. Few could master it. Howard is really a genius."

The other disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land exhibited great surprise as they saw Howard display the Huge Mountain Seal. As they glanced at Austin who was just standing at the middle, they all had one thing in their heads. 'Austin will die today.'

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