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   Chapter 1673 Spotting Howard

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With disbelief written all over her face, Valerie stared blankly at the Space Ring which contained over two hundred million enlightening crystals in her hand. She covered her mouth with her hand to stop herself from shouting.

"I have over two hundred million enlightening crystals?" she whispered to herself, a stunned expression on her face.

Over two hundred million enlightening crystals was definitely an astronomical figure for a disciple from a fifth-class sect like her. It would have taken her a lifetime to amass such amount of enlightening crystals.

Valerie pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming.

Convinced that she was awake, she touched the Space Ring one last time then set it aside.

She turned to look at Austin with obvious admiration in her eyes.

His performance was remarkable, and it had made a lasting impression on her since their encounter.

Soon, the two of them stepped into the teleportation passage.

It was a portal that floated above the desert, and the teleportation power came from it.

Before they went through the portal, Austin held Valerie by the hand and pulled her close to him.

If he didn't take her hand, it would transport them to different places.

Valerie had no problem being in a close body contact with Austin. This was not the first time that he grabbed her hand since they met. Still, Valerie tried to look the other way to hide the red blush that crept on her cheeks.

A teleportation force enveloped them.

Soon, it transported them to the second floor of the tower.

They looked around them and examined the area. They saw a vast land covered with jungles and unusually tall bushes. Eerie mountains loomed in the distance.

They could hear howls from the mountains and silent growls that seemed to be near them. Many diabolic beasts inhabited this area.

Valerie tried to steady herself, overwhelmed by the invisible powerful spiritual sense.

She staggered on her feet and rubbed her temples, trying to fight off her dizziness.

"Oops! The spiritual sense is way too strong," she muttered to herself, as she tried not to panic.

On the second floor, the cultivators would be attacked by a spiritual sense twice stronger than their own spiritual senses.

Valerie was not good at spiritual sense, and the quality of her spiritual sense inferior. As a result, she could not stand the spiritual sense attack on her own.

Austin on the other hand, was in full control.

He ordered the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea to release a power, strong enough to repel all the spiritual sense which was coming at him.

He then turned to check on Valerie. He saw that her face had turned pale as she was struggling to fight through her spiritual sense. Quickly, he unleashed his spiritual sense and covered her

ral thousand diabolic beasts.

After checking his rewards, Austin realized they were first-grade or second-grade superior herbs.

He was thrilled with his harvest.

Valerie stood beside him smiling from ear to ear. She had never seen so many precious herbs.

Austin did not plan to stop hunting. He dragged Valerie to a new location.

He unleashed his spiritual sense to look for new targets. For a moment, he paused as the smile on his face disappeared.

He perceived that dozens of people were fighting diabolic beasts a dozen miles away from him.

One of them caught his attention.

"Howard," he murmured as he narrowed his eyes.

In the midst of all the people, he saw Howard of the Vasteras Holy Land.

The other young men with Howard were also from the Vasteras Holy Land.

Since the disciples from the three holy lands and from the three prominent clans were strong, they usually went straight to the second floor. They would not bother to waste their time and energy on the first floor for crystals.

'There they are. It's time to let them pay for their crime. I will make them realize they made a mistake in attacking our sect.

Three years ago, people from the Vasteras Holy Land also attacked our base.

They have no mercy. Several hundred of our disciples lost their lives in that battle.

I will start with them, ' Austin lamented.

He was the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land now, which meant he would be the holy lord of the sect in the future.

Three years ago, the top sects and prominent clans sent their men to assault the base of the Flame Holy Land. Most of the disciples of the Flame Holy Land died that day. Austin would not let them get away with what they did to those disciples.

He never messed with others. But if other people provoked him by hurting his people, he would make them pay a heavy price.

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